Craver: One small column, one big March primary

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Regardless of how you feel about Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, you have to acknowledge that his shaking up the GOP race has made it something it hasn’t been for a long time: Interesting. It’s been fun watching the Republican establishment pitch a fit over the audacity of a usurper to […]

Virginia teachers unions fight against Republican homeschooling proposal

For the children, or something: E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, has drawn fire from public educators and Democrats for his announcement that, if elected, he would push for a constitutional amendment supporting equal resources for homeschoolers. Meg Gruber, president of the Virginia Education Association, called Jackson’s proposal a “reckless agenda” that would […]

More Anti-business, Pro-union Fun From Springfield

Last year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill, signed into law by Gov. Quinn, that required the use of project labor agreements (PLAs) in most of the economic development zones in Illinois.  To be short, PLAs basically require that companies that do business with a government entity play by union rules and/or pay.  The result of […]

IL School Board Plays Hardball; Saves District from Financial Ruin

Two things made Cary’s survival possible: a school board willing to take a hard line against ridiculous union demands, and Illinois’ new transparency law that requires the board and union to publish their “final, best” contract offer once talks reach an impasse. To rea this article from Educatio n Action Group, click here.

Right to Work: A Basic American Freedom

Recent polls indicate Americans are fed up with Big Labor’s schoolyard bully tactics and utilization of taxpayer money to support political candidates and liberal agendas. They’re tired of government deficits driven by public sector pay and overblown benefits.  And they’re tired of Big Labor’s attempt to deprive them of basic freedoms.  In states like Indiana, elected officials […]

America’s Public Sector Union Dilemma

A union is a form of monopoly, or cartel. It is a single seller of labor services to a business. This means that unions have the ability to raise compensation for its members above the level that would prevail in a competitive marketplace, as well as to define work rules for its members that reduce […]

A Primer For Union Members: How Not To Be Burned During A Union Strike

CN recommended from Back in the day, before Darth Vader saw the light at the end of the movie and when strikes were more prevalent than they are today, there was a time when union bosses conditioned their members for the eventuality that negotiations could break down and union members might be on strike—for […]