Teachers Unions Using Taxpayer Resources to Aid Kirk Dillard

Both major teacher unions (IEA & IFT) are using school district email services and personnel in an attempt to get teachers to crossover and vote in the Republican primary for Kirk Dillard. The EducationMatters.us blog did a FOIA of school districts across the state.  Here are some excerpts from the emails uncovered so far.  The […]

Columnist says public schools can’t improve as long as unions fight for the status quo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a recent Detroit News editorial, Richard Berman puts the blame of America’s troubled education system exactly where it belongs: on the teachers unions. Berman, executive director for the Center for Union Facts, explains how union work rules and contract clauses are hurting public schools by limiting principals’ staffing options and protecting poor or […]

Our Illinois Pension Debacle

Back in Illinois, the funniest thing is going on!   The governor and the Legislature are bickering over when “pension reform” might come about.  What difference does it make?  Anyone who knows their way around an Income Statement and Balance Sheet knows that the Illinoiseconomy is never going to generate enough revenue to meet more than […]

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About IL State Pensions.

 1.      Taxpayershave contributed more, not less, than the 1995 Fifty year pension funding law required. Most people are familiar with the 1995 pension funding law that set up a schedule of payments that would result in 90% pension funding by 2044 for all the state pension systems. The schedule of state payments given to us […]

Taxpayers Have Contributed 230% More Than Teachers Since 2001

An unending cascade of misinformation continues to come out of Springfield, union headquarters and the media so let me say it loud and clear:   We Taxpayers Have OVERPAID Into Pensions Not UNDERPAID.  Let’s keep it simple: Is $20.1 billion greater than $8.7 billion?   If the answer is “Yes” then we taxpayers have paid […]

Why Is Illinois’sTop Teacher Salary $108,000 More Than Kentucky’s?

And $95,000 more than WI and $92,000 more than IA and $83,000 more than MO? Or to put it another way why is IL top teacher salary more than twice as much as Kentucky’s ($203,000 vs. $195,000)? The answer the above questions is simple: because the National Education Association (NEA) and it’s spawn, the Illinois […]

IL School Board Plays Hardball; Saves District from Financial Ruin

Two things made Cary’s survival possible: a school board willing to take a hard line against ridiculous union demands, and Illinois’ new transparency law that requires the board and union to publish their “final, best” contract offer once talks reach an impasse. To rea this article from Educatio n Action Group, click here.

Do Layoffs Mean That WEAC Is On The Financial Ropes?

Before the Republican takeover of state government, the leaders of the Wisconsin Education Association Council were very influential people who wielded a great deal of political power. They were extremely well funded by a system that forced schools to deduct union dues from individual teachers, whether they wanted to be members or not. And they […]

Why the unions lost in Wisconsin

CN recommended by Gary Johnson: Last week saw the heroic forces of reform score a major victory over the militant forces of reaction. I refer to the failure of the union drive to recall six Republican Wisconsin state senators who had voted to rein in the power of the public employee unions. The unions targeted […]

Lipstick on a Union Pig

There’s nothing professional about the NEA or AFT. They have never cared much about teacher quality until recently, when they realized that politicians from both parties are demanding it. And they haven’t cared much about the quality of the educational system, or responsiveness to parents’ and students’ needs, until recently. And that’s only because more […]