Government Unions Join Democrats Againts Rauner

Last week it once again became crystal clear which side the government unions were on in the race for Illinois Governor.  The DGA (Democratic Governors Association) put $1 million into the Quinn campaign. In addition the teacher unions dumped in another $725,000. What does this mean?  It means there is going to soon be a […]

Editorial: Institutionalized Racism in Illinois Public Schools

The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado reported this week that Illinois standards are being changed in a way that will institutionalize racism in our education system. How is the education bureaucracy doing this? The state is changing the standards students have to meet by “RACE”. Yes, each race will have a separate standard to meet. Here […]

Kirk Dillard Supported Forcing School Districts to Collective Bargain and Allow Teacher Strikes

Below is the recent IEA (Illinois [Mis]Education Association) mailer sent on behalf of Kirk Dillard.   What did Kirk Dillard say about teacher union rights?   Here is the quoted text from the IEA mailer above: “I was proud to stand with Gov. Thompson when he signed the collective bargaining law in 1983. It creates a fair […]

Teachers Union Steps in to Aid Mancke against Batinick

The IEA Political action group IPACE dropped $5,000 in the campaign of Amanda Mancke against the conservative candidate Mark Batinick. Mancke and the teachers union (IEA) are just solidifying their relationship in the effort to raise your taxes and drive even more businesses out of Illinois. Last week Mancke we found out about how Mancke […]

Illinois unions prepare attack on GOP candidate Bruce Rauner

By Sara Burnett The Associated Press CHICAGO – After months of owning the airwaves and raising millions more than his three GOP opponents in the campaign for Illinois governor, Bruce Rauner‘s biggest test in the Republican primary may come not from his rivals but from the well-funded and politically powerful labor unions that traditionally side with […]

Follow the Money: State Senator Dillard (R )

The article below was originally published here on Champion News in January 2008.   Dillard received a total of $68,615 from gambling companies. $8,500 from  Alton Gaming Company;  $12,415 from  Arlington International Racecourse;  $500 from  Casino Queen; $10,000 from  Elgin Riverboat Resort; $5,950 from Express Casino; $3,500 from Harrah’s Operating Company; $1,200 from Hawthorne National; […]

State takeover is clearly working in Massachusetts district, but union wants its collective bargaining back

By Steve Gunn LAWRENCE, Mass. – It’s almost humorous to read the teachers union’s argument for restoring full collective bargaining in the Lawrence, Massachusetts school district: “Teachers are in the classrooms every day with children, who knows better what our students need than their teachers?” Frank McLaughlin, president of the Lawrence Teachers Union, recently told […]

Grayslake District 46 Teachers Strike

Grayslake District 46 teachers and board did not resolve their differences and will be on strike in the morning, Wed. 1/15/13 – Per Superintendent Correll at 11:52PM: Unfortunately, the Board of Education and D46 teachers were unable to reach an agreement. The teachers have informed the district that they will be on strike beginning tomorrow, […]

Restricting Collective Bargaining Saves A Wisconsin School District

CN recommended by Mike Shedlock: Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker for sticking to his guns. The state of Wisconsin is far better off because of it. So are taxpayers. Most importantly, so are the school kids. Taxpayers are better off. School kids are better off. Class sizes are down. Struggling school districts now have a […]