Tammy Duckworth Attacks Kaifesh Using Walsh and the Koch Brothers

In typical Tammy Duckworth fashion, she fund raises by attacking her opponent Larry Kaifesh by using Joe Walsh and the Koch Brothers as the proxy.  Here are some excerpts from the email: This week, our opponent was a featured speaker at the Illinois Tea Party tax day rally, alongside Joe Walsh and the Illinois state […]

Is Michael Madigan Joining the Tea Party?

Michael Madigan is once again playing a masterful political game during an election year.  This time he is suggesting a 50% cut in corporate taxes.  Yes, you read that correctly, Madigan is asking for a tax decrease.  Read on and you will see that Madigan is not really becoming a tea party member, but just […]

Tea Party leader Mike Hill wins Fla. House District 2 special election

Despite all the talk and media disinformation that the Tea Party is racists, the Tea Party continues to elect and support African Americans and Hispanics. Mike Hill, founder and president of the Northwest Florida Tea Party, won the Fla. House Dist. 2 seat on Tuesday. He will serve as the only African-American Republican legislator. A special […]

Senger, McSweeney Resolution Condemns IRS, Demands Investigation

SPRINGFIELD – In the wake of the recent scandal regarding politically-motivated targeting by the Internal Revenue Service of conservative groups, State Representatives Darlene Senger (R-Naperville) and David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) today introduced a resolution condemning the IRS actions and demanding an investigation into the individuals involved in targeting Americans for their political views. Recent reports […]

IL County Aims To Allow Concealed Carry Gun Law

There’s a move in Winnebago County to defy state law and allow licensed owners to carry concealed guns.  Winnebago County is not the only area considering concealed carry. But it’s one of the largest: Rockford, Illinois’ third largest city, is there.   Click here to read this article on CBS Chicago.

Durbin and Quinn Announce Sale of Thompson Prison

Senator Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn figure a way around federal regulations and agree that the Federal Government will buy theThompson Correctional Center. This purchase has been stopped several times in the past by tea party involvement and elected officials because it was intended to house all the current terrorist prisoners held in Gitmo. […]

Rockford Tea Party plans Tax Day Rally to Mark 3rd Anniversary

TO THE EDITOR: On Tax Day, April 15th, it will be 206 days, or 6 mos. 22 days, until the Nov. 6th election.  Were we pleased at the primary election outcome?  Speaking for Northern IL Tea Party, we were not buoyed up by Congressman Kinzinger’s defeat of Manzullo.  Don Manzullo was the most conservative of […]

Walsh to run in the 8th C.D.

Joe Walsh, the Republican elected to the old 8th Congressional District in 2010, announced last night that he will be running in the new 8th C.D. in the 2012 election, not the 14th.  This is startling news since the Democrat remap of Congressional Districts had put Joe Walsh in the new 14th C.D., pitting him […]

It’s official – Tea is good for the GOP: The fact liberals despise it proves it’s the remedy the country needs

CN recommended by Robert Knight: Of all the bombs that liberal pundits toss at the Tea Party, none better illustrates why the GOP should actually pay attention than Thursday’s article by E. J. Dionne Jr., the liberal Washington Post columnist. Mr. Dionne, who looks at President Obama’s feet and sees water wings, often tries to […]

DeMint: Debt-ceiling debate will show if Tea Party is still ‘a force’

CN recommended from thehill.com: The debate over increasing the debt ceiling will show whether the Tea Party still has influence, Republican Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) said Monday. “We’re going to find out if the Tea Party’s still there in force in the next few weeks on this debt limit because we’re trying to recruit Americans […]