Interview with Harris v Quinn Attorney: The Fight Continues

Even though Pam Harris, mother of a disabled child defeated the SEIU on Monday at the Supreme Court her fight is not over. Attorney, Bill Messenger of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation argued her case before the Supreme Court. The ruling was limited in it’s scope to non public employees, in this […]

Dillard Gets $1.4 Million from Public Sector Unions

The following table is the summary of all the money donated to Kirk Dillard over the years from Public Sector Government Unions. AFL-CIO 800 AFSCME 201,800 AFT 41,200 Assoc. Fire Fighters 6,500 Chicago Federation of Labor 4,000 Chicago Fire Fighters local 2 500 Fraternal Order of Police 1,300 IEA 793,450 IFT 287,600 IL Assoc. of […]

TV Ads: A Desperate Attempt to Save Pat Quinn

— By Attacking Only Rauner, Pat Quinn’s Allies Admit Brady, Dillard and Rutherford are Pat Quinn-Lite — Pat Quinn’s top allies today launched the start of their desperate attempt to save him by pouring millions of dollars into attack ads against Bruce Rauner in an effort to hijack the Republican Party. “Pat Quinn is the worst […]

Follow the Money: State Senator Dillard (R )

The article below was originally published here on Champion News in January 2008.   Dillard received a total of $68,615 from gambling companies. $8,500 from  Alton Gaming Company;  $12,415 from  Arlington International Racecourse;  $500 from  Casino Queen; $10,000 from  Elgin Riverboat Resort; $5,950 from Express Casino; $3,500 from Harrah’s Operating Company; $1,200 from Hawthorne National; […]

More on Plans to Hijack GOP Primary

Rich Miller, Capitol Fax: “[O]rganized labor is moving ever closer to jumping into this primary battle, sources say. The idea, as I’ve told you before, is to spend a relative few million bucks attacking Rauner in the primary rather than being forced to spend tens of millions to fend him off in the fall.” Madeline […]

Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton

Most surprising is that Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton, who is widely seen as the leading union supporter and a major obstacle to real pension reform.  

SEIU Illinois State Council Executive Director: “I do the brainwashing.”

From Dan Proft at Illinois Opportunity. Mr. Morrison and his friends at SEIU make sport out of pushing around disabled children. A few short years ago, it was Mr. Morrison who attempted to intervene between the parents of disabled children and their children by forcing public sector unionization on private home health care workers (thankfully […]

Duckworth: CTU strike puts her “in an interesting situation”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 14, 2012 CONTACT: Thursday, Tammy Duckworth spoke to the editorial board at The Daily Herald. The board pressed Duckworth for her thoughts on the Chicago Teachers Union strike. In response, Ms. Duckworth stated that due to her strong backing and close relationship she enjoys from both the teachers union and Mayor […]