Legislative Update

2015 Budget House passed a budget of $35.7 Billions using accounting gimmicks of borrowing from other funds, delaying payment for some bills and relying on revenue increases that don’t exist (i.e. tax increase that they can’t get passed now. Remember, a vote for a budget that spends than they have is the same as voting […]

Cullerton to CPS teachers: Give up benefits or risk ‘thousands’ of layoffs

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Public Schools’ teachers will need to give up some benefits during upcoming pension system negotiations, or run the risk of “thousands and thousands” of layoffs, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, said Monday. ————————————————————- “Chicago Public Schools have a problem and we need to act now,” Cullerton said. “I know […]

No Budget To Look At; It Must Be “Shall”; Pension Stalemate; Funding Unfairness-Downstate Can’t Wait For Task Force Report; Other Pending Issues

There is just about a week to go before the scheduled end of the spring legislative session and yet a number of major issues remain unresolved, according to State Sen. Kyle McCarter. “In the past week, the issues have been about more government regulations on business and job creation, marijuana, sex education and how you […]

Funding Schools – Getting It Right

Earlier this year, a Senate Republican analysis revealed a large and unequal balance in how Illinois funds schools in downstate and suburban regions compared to the City of Chicago. The study showed that while the Chicago Public School System educates about 18 percent of the public school students in Illinois, it receives nearly half of […]

Chicago Schools Free Lunch Paid For By Suburban and Downstate Taxpayers

The Senate Republicans released a study on the school funding in Illinois. This was done in response to statements about downstate and suburban schools districts getting a “free lunch”. It turns out the opposite is true, Chicago Schools are getting the free lunch as shown in the graphic above. A thorough review of the data […]