Don’t mess with Pension Reform

When it comes to state pensions and Springfield, nothing really is a surprise anymore. Lawmakers talk big about fixing the system and reforming an unsustainable model. But they do little about it. And they do even less to address the $85 billion hole the state is in for underfunding pension systems in years past. To […]

REINing in the Feds

Later today, the House of Representatives will seize the opportunity to bring some common sense to the outdated regulatory system in America. It will pass the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS Act) and send the Senate yet another bipartisan bill that we should pass and send to President Obama, who […]

The new regulatory reform movement

The legislation known by the acronym Reins would require Congressional and Presidential approval of all “major regulations,” those costing more than $100 million a year. In practice this reform would produce far more sensible and moderate regulation than we’ve seen out of this Administration so far, while also serving as a check on future political […]

The Prevailing Wage – Radio Segment 3

Join Carol and Jack along with Chris Jenner, a school board member who supports defends, and fights for quality education and the taxpayer. A man of convictions and common sense as it pertains to government and our mis-education system.