Is Quinnocchio’s Nose Getting Longer?

– Property Tax Pledge Rhetoric Doesn’t Match the Reality – In an effort to soften the blow of his broken promise to keep the income tax hike temporary, Pat Quinn tore a page from his old failed playbook by proposing a $500 property tax rebate for homeowners, but even that promise is already being exposed […]

Rauner unleashes ‘Quinnocchio’ on Gov. Quinn

Rauner campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf announced “Quinnocchio” in a press release Thursday: “Pat Quinn’s alter-ego, Quinnocchio, is making his first appearance today alongside the governor at his noon campaign stop at Linné Elementary School to remind him of his broken promises.” Read more at Chicago Sun-Times…

ABC7 Republican Gubernatorial Debate

Below is the video from the ABC 7/League of Women Voters GOP Gubernatorial Debate Part 1 src=””> Part 3 src=””>

Craver: One small column, one big March primary

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Regardless of how you feel about Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, you have to acknowledge that his shaking up the GOP race has made it something it hasn’t been for a long time: Interesting. It’s been fun watching the Republican establishment pitch a fit over the audacity of a usurper to […]

Dillard Losing Own Senate District

There are 2 polls today released by Capitol Fax. A Strive Strategies poll [2/28] was leaked to Rich Miller who comissioned his own We Ask America poll [2/20]. Here are the highlights.   IL Senate District 24 Strive Strategies We Ask America Bruce Rauner 33% 35.71% Kirk Dillard 26% 30.18% Undecided 25% 22.02% Bill Brady […]

Bruce Rauner: #HammerAndShake

Bruce Rauner launchs his #HammerAndShake commercial

Rauner and Term Limits

Illinois is known for its unsavory politics. Four of the last eight men elected governor in the Prairie State have ended up in prison. We also are known for politicians who hang on to power with both hands: Daley I, Daley II. Madigan I, Madigan II.  Simon I, Simon II. This tendency to hang on […]

Illinois Republicans: Get ready for Bruce Rauner

John Kass introduces Bruce Rauner to the Illinois Republicans with his column this morning in the Chicago Tribune. Bruce Rauner, the multimillionaire bull in the quaint Illinois Republican china shop, sat down with me Wednesday morning at a diner on LaSalle Street to talk about politics. Are you running for governor? “I am thinking about […]