Quinnocchio Opposes Term Limits on November Ballot

“While Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan continue to fight against term limits in Illinois, Bruce Rauner stands squarely with the people in their call for reform and accountability. The people of Illinois deserve the chance to make their voices heard.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf As Bruce Rauner joins with the hundreds of thousands […]

Is Quinnocchio’s Nose Getting Longer?

– Property Tax Pledge Rhetoric Doesn’t Match the Reality – In an effort to soften the blow of his broken promise to keep the income tax hike temporary, Pat Quinn tore a page from his old failed playbook by proposing a $500 property tax rebate for homeowners, but even that promise is already being exposed […]

Rauner unleashes ‘Quinnocchio’ on Gov. Quinn

Rauner campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf announced “Quinnocchio” in a press release Thursday: “Pat Quinn’s alter-ego, Quinnocchio, is making his first appearance today alongside the governor at his noon campaign stop at Linné Elementary School to remind him of his broken promises.” Read more at Chicago Sun-Times…

Support for Potential Rauner Run for Governor Grows

Leads 2nd Quarter Fundraising & Passes Madigan’s and Quinn’s Online Presence Chicago, IL – Barely more than halfway through the second quarter fundraising period, potential candidate Bruce Rauner continues to outpace other potential candidates in building a well-funded and comprehensive operation. Since April 1, the Bruce Rauner Exploratory Committee has raised more than $470,000, bringing […]

TEXAS — Scott Reeder takes a look at Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s latest job-poaching to Illinois and explains what it means

Whether Quinn likes it or not, Illinois is competing with Texas SPRINGFIELD – Who cares what Texas Gov. Rick Perry thinks? That’s the note that a friend sent me the other day. He was angry about the latest job-poaching trip that Perry made to our state. But we should care because Perry may succeed in rustling […]

As Tax Collections Skyrocket, Illinois Finally Reaches ‘Tax Freedom Day’

— Illinoisans Work Longer Than Any Other Midwesterner to Pay Off Taxes– Chicago, IL – According to the U.S. Census Bureau and as reported by the Daily Herald, tax revenues increased in Illinois by nearly $6 billion last year, more than in any other state. Meanwhile, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, Illinois residents had to work until […]

IL: Teachers’ Retirement System bleeding out, experts say

By Jayette Bolinski | Illinois Watchdog SPRINGFIELD – Illinois’ teacher pension system could go broke if the state does not figure out a way to fully fund the system soon, the leader of the retirement system and others have warned again. Illinois’ Teachers’ Retirement System is seeking $3.4 billion from the state for its portion of the pension […]

Walsh Continues to Lead Duckworth in 8th Congressional District

Joe Walsh continues to lead Duckworth in the polls. The latest poll from “We Ask America” shows weighted results of Walsh 50.7% and Duckworth with 49.3%. This is consistent with the previous poll showing Walsh up by 1.5%. See the polling summary below.   The 8th Congressional District was drawn specifically for Tammy Duckworth by […]

Durbin and Quinn Announce Sale of Thompson Prison

Senator Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn figure a way around federal regulations and agree that the Federal Government will buy theThompson Correctional Center. This purchase has been stopped several times in the past by tea party involvement and elected officials because it was intended to house all the current terrorist prisoners held in Gitmo. […]

Quinn vs. AFSCME

In Illinois, we have a public-sector employees’ union in open combat with its former ally, a Democratic governor, whose state is drowning in debts and liabilities.  We have the awkwardness for Illinois Democratic candidates as they watch this intramural dispute play out during an election cycle.  And we have Illinois taxpayers, likely hoping that Gov. […]