Progressives Claim ‘We’re not broke, we’ve been robbed’

By Kathryn Watson WASHINGTON, D.C. — From the tea party movement to Occupy Wall Street, there’s no denying a general state of discontent with the way Washington is handling the economy. That discontent was the fuel to the fire that drew scores of progressives to the New Populism Conference in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. “This is not the […]

Legislative Update

2015 Budget House passed a budget of $35.7 Billions using accounting gimmicks of borrowing from other funds, delaying payment for some bills and relying on revenue increases that don’t exist (i.e. tax increase that they can’t get passed now. Remember, a vote for a budget that spends than they have is the same as voting […]

INN Investigation: Public and private employers worry about impact of minimum wage hike

By Brady Cremeens SPRINGFIELD – College administrators and municipal officials across Illinois say that if Illinois raises the minimum wage hours will be cut for student workers, taxpayers may pay more and services may be cut. “Right now, we are able to hire eight part-time student workers in the Athletic Department” says Mac Ingmire, athletic […]

Senator Oberweis Offers Minimum-Wage Compromise

SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) is reaching out to employers and across the aisle to his Democrat colleagues to offer a compromise to the current debate about raising Illinois’ minimum wage. On April 8, the 25th District Senator introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 2004, which would raise the minimum wage for […]

Governor Quinn Meets with President Obama About Raising the Minimum Wage

Governor Pat Quinn met with President Obama today on raising the minimum wage. His press release subtitle states, Measure Would Help Alleviate Poverty and Drive Economic Growth The problem this statement is that it is untrue, it’s just rhetoric.  We know this because the CBO just analyzed the affects of raising the minimum wage to $10 […]

Study: Obama’s proposed minimum wage hike could destroy 1 million jobs

The Obama administration’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour could result in as many 1,084,000 jobs eliminated from the work force, according to a new study conducted by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) “No amount of denial by the president and his political allies — and no number of ‘studies’ published by biased researchers — […]

Kirk Dillard’s Many Positions on Minimum Wage

Kirk Dillard has many different positions on the minimum wage. Here are his positions: 2013 – Against Quinn’s push for minimum wage hike “For the most part, he has opposed increasing the minimum wage,” Wes Bleed   ~ The Southern 2006 – Voted for raising the minimum wage Dillard spokesman Wes Bleed said Dillard has been a […]

Minimum Wage Response

I was on the radio debating a liberal guest and he brought up minimum wage. I said I didn’t believe the minimum wage should be increased and a friend of mine, who was listening, sent me a text message with the following link attached: Here is my response. First, the points from the article: […]

Unseen consequences of a $15 hourly minimum wage

By Eric Boehm | PA Independent As my colleague Ryan Ekvall wrote last week, union-led protests at fast-food restaurants around the nation are trying to build support for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Though they look like grassroots efforts, the protests were staffed by union activists – not actual fast-food workers – and they are organized by […]

Senate Democrats Continue the War on Teens

State Senator Lightford and the Senate Democrats continue their war on teens with the passage of minimum wage hike. State Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) noted that after the last minimum wage hike in Illinois, the state now has the highest teen unemployment rate in 42 years. Retail merchants testifying during the hearing agreed with concerns, […]