Madigan Helps State Contractor Get $1.7M Tax Break

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this weekend on how the Michael Madigan and his law firm help get property tax assessment reductions and saved the company, who manages millions in state pensions over $1.7 Million in property taxes. When Mesirow Financial Services — a Chicago company that manages millions of dollars in pension funds for the […]

Editorial: Bad Management is Killing Illinois

Illinois is being destroyed because of bad management; bad management in cities and villages; bad management in school districts and especially bad management from Springfield. Michael Madigan is the longest serving Speaker of House in the entire country nearing 30 years.  During that time he has led this once great state to being the most […]

Dem State Rep Wants Trial Delayed to Vote on Tax Increase

The trial for State Rep. Derrick Smith started this week in spite of his requests to delay the trial so he could vote on budgets and the possible vote on making the temporary tax increase permanent.  The judge refused.  U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman refused last week a defense request to delay the trial […]

Editorial: Madigan and Democrats Tax Increase Attempts

We are now in the final week of the normal Legislative Session.  The House under Michael Madigan and Democrat control have passed 72 spending bills and so far all of them anticipate making the 2011 “temporary” tax increase permanent.  He also continues to put a so called millionaire tax on the ballot for November. Madigan […]

Madigan: It’s Rauner’s Fault

We keep hearing from DC Democrats that it’s all Bush’s fault even though he hasn’t been President for nearly 6 years.  When that doesn’t work they resort to you’re a racist. Speaker Michael Madigan has now taken a novel approach here in Illinois that it is all Bruce Rauner’s fault even though he hasn’t even […]

Tax Hike Vote Coming in May

SPRINGFIELD – A member of House Speaker Mike Madigan’s leadership team says there will be a vote to raise taxes before the Legislature adjourns this spring. State Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, said the General Assembly almost certainly will vote on whether to either extend or make permanent the temporary income tax increase before the […]

Which Republicans Voted to Spend $100 Million for the Obama Library?

Which Republicans Voted to Spend $100 Million for the Obama Library?  None, this is actually a trick question and highlights the blatant disregard Democrats have in the legislative process. Last Thursday the Illinois House Committee voted 9-0 that would provide $100 million to a Barack Obama Presidential Library.  This plan was pushed by Speaker Michael […]

Democrats Kill Madigan Millionaire Tax

Michael Madigan’s millionaire tax for the “children” was killed by Democrats Jack Franks (D-63rd) and Scott Drury (D-58th). Drury stated: “The problem with these stand-alone proposals is that no one knows what the final product looks like,” Drury said in a statement. “We cannot rebuild Illinois’ fiscal house without a comprehensive plan, yet that is what […]

Rahm Emanuel Wants Springfield to Raise Property Taxes

With the city of Chicago facing a pension crisis of their own, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is looking to Springfield for help. He wants the Michael Madigan and John Cullerton to get the legislature to raise property taxes so he doesn’t get the blame. Last Friday, the mayor held a 2.5-hour meeting with the Illinois House […]

Is Michael Madigan Joining the Tea Party?

Michael Madigan is once again playing a masterful political game during an election year.  This time he is suggesting a 50% cut in corporate taxes.  Yes, you read that correctly, Madigan is asking for a tax decrease.  Read on and you will see that Madigan is not really becoming a tea party member, but just […]