Legislators Raise Their Pay

By Brady Cremeens As part of the new budget, Illinois legislators will be taking home a fatter paycheck than they have for the past few years. Voting to do away with a 4.6 percent reduction in salary that the legislature instituted in 2011 and renewed each year since, lawmakers will see about $3,100 more in […]

Quinnocchio Opposes Term Limits on November Ballot

“While Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan continue to fight against term limits in Illinois, Bruce Rauner stands squarely with the people in their call for reform and accountability. The people of Illinois deserve the chance to make their voices heard.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf As Bruce Rauner joins with the hundreds of thousands […]

Bruce Rauner for Governor

I have already written about how Kirk Dillard was funded by, and supported the teachers unions who have caused our massive financial crisis; how we cannot afford Dan Rutherford; and how Bill Brady cannot handle the state’s fiscal problems. It is now time to discuss my views on Bruce Rauner. I have known Bruce Rauner […]

Kirk Dillard Accepts Donations From Madigan Donors

Kirk Dillard’s Gubernatorial campaign accepted $157,800 last week from 3 Labor Union PACS. This in and of itself raises questions about Kirk Dillard’s policies as Governor after receiving so much money from unions. This does not account for any of the public sector union money Dillard has received. The biggest issue with these donations, 2 […]

Pension Reform Fails – Thank Goodness

Real reform is not going to happen though as long as the Democrats continue to win elections. They see no downside, since it has not cost them votes. Until Madigan and the Democrats lose elections, Illinois will continue to be the most broke and the most corrupt state thanks to the voters who don’t understand who is truly responsible for continuing the problems in our state.

GOP, Madigan Aligned on Some of Toughest State Issues

This headline should send the rank and file Republicans into a frenzy of disbelief. There is something drastically wrong in Springfield when the man behind much of the legislation that has cause our state to be the most broke state in the country. Here are excerpts from the Daily Herald article: Much of last year, […]

Support for Potential Rauner Run for Governor Grows

Leads 2nd Quarter Fundraising & Passes Madigan’s and Quinn’s Online Presence Chicago, IL – Barely more than halfway through the second quarter fundraising period, potential candidate Bruce Rauner continues to outpace other potential candidates in building a well-funded and comprehensive operation. Since April 1, the Bruce Rauner Exploratory Committee has raised more than $470,000, bringing […]

Gov. Edgar Shifts Blame Away From Himself and Speaker Madigan

Gov. Edgar has been talking about the pension crisis, the $83 billion (more correctly $120 billion) deficit in the pension system. Edgar reviews that history from 1994 to present. He blames the Governors who came after him, Ryan and Blagojevich. He specifically gives Speaker Madigan a pass! Edgar turns history upside down. Edgar was Governor […]

As Tax Collections Skyrocket, Illinois Finally Reaches ‘Tax Freedom Day’

— Illinoisans Work Longer Than Any Other Midwesterner to Pay Off Taxes– Chicago, IL – According to the U.S. Census Bureau and as reported by the Daily Herald, tax revenues increased in Illinois by nearly $6 billion last year, more than in any other state. Meanwhile, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, Illinois residents had to work until […]

IEA Busts Illinois

The Republicans in Illinois lost in 2012 because the Democrats are the party of the rich.  They will again win in 2014 if we don’t take out the big source of their money. That source is the Education labor unions, particularly the Illinois Education Association (IEA), subsidiary of the NEA.  These Illinois education unions took […]