Legislative Update

2015 Budget House passed a budget of $35.7 Billions using accounting gimmicks of borrowing from other funds, delaying payment for some bills and relying on revenue increases that don’t exist (i.e. tax increase that they can’t get passed now. Remember, a vote for a budget that spends than they have is the same as voting […]

Dillard the Sellout?

Conservative moderate candidate for Governor, Kirk Dillard has an affinity for accepting money from public sector government unions. This is nothing new. He has taken money from them dating back to 1994. On December 3, 2013, Senate Bill 1 passed the Illinois House and Senate. The bill altered pensions for public sector employees and was […]

IFT Paying Teachers to Phone Bank for Kirk Dillard

Yesterday, Education Matters discovered the IFT (Illinois Federation of Teachers) has been recruiting to pay $12 per hour for teachers to phone bank for Kirk Dillard.  Here are a few questions that need to be answered.  Call your local school district and ask what they are doing about this. How many teachers have taken off […]

Dillard Sending Unsolicited Emails To University Employees

The following email was forwarded to me from a University Employee.  They stated this was unsolicited since they would never provide a taxpayer funded email to a campaign. This is similar to what is happening in the elementary/high schools. From: sender+Kirk=DillardTracy.com@epsrv5.net [sender+Kirk=DillardTracy.com@epsrv5.net] on behalf of Kirk Dillard [Kirk@DillardTracy.com] Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:44 PM To: redacted Subject: redacted, is […]

Illegal Electioneering in Our Schools – Call your Superintendent?

The 2014 Republican primary for Governor has received an unprecedented amount of interest from liberal Democrats. A record-setting amount of money has been spent by groups including the Illinois Education Association (IEA), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and the Democratic Governor’s Association to oppose Bruce Rauner. These groups have become so […]

Teachers Unions Using Taxpayer Resources to Aid Kirk Dillard

Both major teacher unions (IEA & IFT) are using school district email services and personnel in an attempt to get teachers to crossover and vote in the Republican primary for Kirk Dillard. The EducationMatters.us blog did a FOIA of school districts across the state.  Here are some excerpts from the emails uncovered so far.  The […]

Dillard Should Explain Union Endorsements

Bill Brady held a press conference to ask Kirk Dillard to “come clean” on his union endorsements and money. Brady, of Bloomington, also said state Sen. Kirk Dillard, R-Hinsdale, needs to “come clean” on how he won the endorsement of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union. “I think it is imperative […]

Dillard Gets $1.4 Million from Public Sector Unions

The following table is the summary of all the money donated to Kirk Dillard over the years from Public Sector Government Unions. AFL-CIO 800 AFSCME 201,800 AFT 41,200 Assoc. Fire Fighters 6,500 Chicago Federation of Labor 4,000 Chicago Fire Fighters local 2 500 Fraternal Order of Police 1,300 IEA 793,450 IFT 287,600 IL Assoc. of […]

IEA Endorsements: Who Not to Vote For

The IEA has announced it’s endorsements in the State House Races.  This makes an easy list of who NOT to vote for. “lllinois needs a fighter who believes in public schools and that is why IEA is proud to recommend Senator Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for governor.” In a primary election, anyone can […]

We Ask America Poll: Confirm Earlier Ogden & Fry Poll

We Ask America just released it weekly Tuesday poll. They confirmed the results from earlier today from the Ogden & Fry polling. Poll type: Automated – Date: 3/11/2014 – Participants: 1,235 Likely GOP Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.90% Bill Brady Kirk Dillard Bruce Rauner Dan Rutherford ALL VOTERS 18.90% 25.76% 46.46% 8.88% Female […]