Illinois: 45th out of 50

Various reports show Illinois ranks 45th among the 50 states for job creation while the state’s unemployment rate stands at 9.2 percent. Both of these assessments are for the month of August and are the same as they were in July and just fractionally worse than June. Elsewhere, federal figures show nearly 15 percent of […]

No Budget To Look At; It Must Be “Shall”; Pension Stalemate; Funding Unfairness-Downstate Can’t Wait For Task Force Report; Other Pending Issues

There is just about a week to go before the scheduled end of the spring legislative session and yet a number of major issues remain unresolved, according to State Sen. Kyle McCarter. “In the past week, the issues have been about more government regulations on business and job creation, marijuana, sex education and how you […]

EEOC Policy hurts employers AND undermines Education

A major reason for a student to stay in school is to improve his or her job prospects. If diplomas are suddenly irrelevant to hiring decisions, then at least some students will drop out of school far too soon. We should be increasing the prestige of graduating from high school, not diminishing it, or more […]

Letters to Barack: Jobs

Dear Barack, We noticed on your campaign tour that you were going to come up with some sort of “jobs program” in September and you expected Congress to “get on board.”  Are you kidding?  The Republican House has already passed the greatest jobs program in history, but it did not come to a vote in […]

Letters to Barack: Three Taxpayers

Dear Barack, This debt ceiling business has everyone in an uproar!  Most are against higher taxes, but primarily because they have no confidence in the government to spend money wisely.  The “taxes cost jobs” argument seems to be just a smokescreen.  People remember that the Stimulus Scam just meant more jobs that were unproductive to […]