Edgar backs Governor’s proposal to make income tax hike permanent

By JIM MEADOWS Former Governor Jim Edgar says spending cuts triggered by the scheduled reduction in the state income tax rate would make it even harder to catch up on unpaid back bills and fund education. So the Republican Edgar says Governor Pat Quinn’s budget proposal to make the state income tax hike permanent is a […]

Daily Herald Chooses Status Quo with Endorsement

The Daily Herald has chosen to endorse Kirk Dillard for Governor on the GOP side.  Let’s take a look at some of their reasoning [my comments noted by each]: Dillard worked for Edgar and was “without question he was a key architect, adviser and coordinator”  [They fail to mention Edgar made the then temporary tax increase […]

Gov. Edgar Shifts Blame Away From Himself and Speaker Madigan

Gov. Edgar has been talking about the pension crisis, the $83 billion (more correctly $120 billion) deficit in the pension system. Edgar reviews that history from 1994 to present. He blames the Governors who came after him, Ryan and Blagojevich. He specifically gives Speaker Madigan a pass! Edgar turns history upside down. Edgar was Governor […]

GOP Central Committee Cancels Meeting

Late last night the GOP Central Committee canceled their meeting to oust Pat Brady. In an email from 10th Congressional District Committeeman Mark Shaw, the reason provided was the lack of response from Chairman Pat Brady on whether he would attend the meeting in person or by phone. From: Mark Shaw Sent: Friday, March 08, […]