Raising Taxes Will Not Lead to Success

More Talk on Taxes The Legislature may not be in session but the talk about the state budget and taxes continues. The non-partisan Illinois Policy Institute released a report on how state government can get its fiscal house in order so to allow the 2011 state income tax increase begin its scheduled rollback beginning January […]

Illinois Unemployment – #2 Highest

Unhappy anniversary

Six months ago, Illinois overtook California to become the state with the second-highest unemployment rate in the nation, behind only Nevada. It hasn’t budged since. Last week’s release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics detailed yet another month of stalled unemployment numbers for Illinois. The state’s August unemployment rate remained at 9.2% — 1.9 percentage […]

Top 10 Towns in Illinois with the Highest Unemployment

llinois scrapes the bottom of the barrel in job creation

As Governor Pat Quinn continues to use taxpayer money as perks to keep companies and jobs from moving out of the state to greener pastures, what returns are taxpayers receiving for their monies?   On January 26 The Illinois Policy Institute published a revealing Tax & Budget Brief — Wrong way, Illinois:  Failed policies lead […]