Public School Disaster

The Cato Institute has just published a nationwide study called “State Education Trends, Academic Performance and Spending over the last 40 years.” It leaves no doubt that the cost of public education has steadily increased (allowing for inflation) and the achievement has remained constant at the same low level. We taxpayers as parents are getting […]

Illegal Electioneering in Our Schools – Call your Superintendent?

The 2014 Republican primary for Governor has received an unprecedented amount of interest from liberal Democrats. A record-setting amount of money has been spent by groups including the Illinois Education Association (IEA), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and the Democratic Governor’s Association to oppose Bruce Rauner. These groups have become so […]

Kirk Dillard Supported Forcing School Districts to Collective Bargain and Allow Teacher Strikes

Below is the recent IEA (Illinois [Mis]Education Association) mailer sent on behalf of Kirk Dillard.   What did Kirk Dillard say about teacher union rights?   Here is the quoted text from the IEA mailer above: “I was proud to stand with Gov. Thompson when he signed the collective bargaining law in 1983. It creates a fair […]

Illinois unions prepare attack on GOP candidate Bruce Rauner

By Sara Burnett The Associated Press CHICAGO – After months of owning the airwaves and raising millions more than his three GOP opponents in the campaign for Illinois governor, Bruce Rauner‘s biggest test in the Republican primary may come not from his rivals but from the well-funded and politically powerful labor unions that traditionally side with […]

Bruce Rauner for Governor

I have already written about how Kirk Dillard was funded by, and supported the teachers unions who have caused our massive financial crisis; how we cannot afford Dan Rutherford; and how Bill Brady cannot handle the state’s fiscal problems. It is now time to discuss my views on Bruce Rauner. I have known Bruce Rauner […]

Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton

Most surprising is that Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton, who is widely seen as the leading union supporter and a major obstacle to real pension reform.  

We Can’t Afford Rutherford for Governor

Rutherford was Illinois State Treasurer for the last four years, can you remember anything constructive he accomplished? Did he expose any of the many financial flops of the dominant Democrats? He’s made many boring speeches in his run for Governor. I listened to one about his great savings in rubber bands and paper clips by […]

Gov. Edgar Shifts Blame Away From Himself and Speaker Madigan

Gov. Edgar has been talking about the pension crisis, the $83 billion (more correctly $120 billion) deficit in the pension system. Edgar reviews that history from 1994 to present. He blames the Governors who came after him, Ryan and Blagojevich. He specifically gives Speaker Madigan a pass! Edgar turns history upside down. Edgar was Governor […]

Pension Forum Discussion Last night In Arlington Heights

Reboot Illinois and the Daily Herald sponsored a pension forum last night with Rep. Elaine Nekritz, Rep. Tom Morrison, and Illinois Education Association President Cinda Klickna. From the Daily Herald: Reboot Illinois Chief Operating Officer Madeleine Doubek didn’t mince words when she set a serious, yet hopeful, tone for the evening. “Our pension problem is […]

IEA Busts Illinois

The Republicans in Illinois lost in 2012 because the Democrats are the party of the rich.  They will again win in 2014 if we don’t take out the big source of their money. That source is the Education labor unions, particularly the Illinois Education Association (IEA), subsidiary of the NEA.  These Illinois education unions took […]