Raising Taxes Will Not Lead to Success

More Talk on Taxes The Legislature may not be in session but the talk about the state budget and taxes continues. The non-partisan Illinois Policy Institute released a report on how state government can get its fiscal house in order so to allow the 2011 state income tax increase begin its scheduled rollback beginning January […]

More Anti-business, Pro-union Fun From Springfield

Last year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill, signed into law by Gov. Quinn, that required the use of project labor agreements (PLAs) in most of the economic development zones in Illinois.  To be short, PLAs basically require that companies that do business with a government entity play by union rules and/or pay.  The result of […]

llinois scrapes the bottom of the barrel in job creation

As Governor Pat Quinn continues to use taxpayer money as perks to keep companies and jobs from moving out of the state to greener pastures, what returns are taxpayers receiving for their monies?   On January 26 The Illinois Policy Institute published a revealing Tax & Budget Brief — Wrong way, Illinois:  Failed policies lead […]

The Greece Next Door: IL gets credit downgrade, in contrast to Wisc.

Run up spending and debt, raise taxes in the name of balancing the budget, but then watch as deficits rise and your credit-rating falls anyway. That’s been the sad pattern in Europe, and now it’s hitting that mecca of tax-and-spend government known as Illinois. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal by clicking here.

The Chicago Expulsion Act of 2011

Chicago pols control almost all seats of power in Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn, House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Secretary of State Jesse White are all Democrats from Chicago. So was former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who this month was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption. Click […]

Upscale communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff in northern Illinois not immune from the economic down turn

President Obama and his administration shot all their existing arrows from their political and economic policy quiver over the past two years to jump-start this nation’s economy, yet none of their policies worked to stave off the debt-ceiling crisis. Even the upscale communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff in northern Illinois are being affected […]

Letters to Barack: Escape from Illinois

Dear Barack, This letter is being smuggled out to you at great risk.  We implore you to help us!  The borders of Illinois are sealed tight and no one can get through without putting their lives in danger. How did things come to be this way?  Well, about ten years ago, Illinois debt was equal […]