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* From my old buddy Nick Dolce… My grandfather passed away this week and it would mean a lot to us if you closed comments with Louis Prima’s “C’è la Luna,” especially if you send it out to all the small town mayors and c…

*** UPDATED x1 *** Tipping the scales against the home team

*** UPDATE *** Chicago Tonight’s report… [ *** End Of Update *** ] * My Sun-Times column… While watching White Sox players embarrass themselves yet again this week, my sad eyes turned to a private club behind home plate. The slo…

TEXAS — Scott Reeder takes a look at Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s latest job-poaching to Illinois and explains what it means

Whether Quinn likes it or not, Illinois is competing with Texas SPRINGFIELD – Who cares what Texas Gov. Rick Perry thinks? That’s the note that a friend sent me the other day. He was angry about the latest job-poaching trip that Perry made to our state. But we should care because Perry may succeed in rustling […]

Who Safeguards Your Vote?

The right to vote is a sacred right of US citizenship. Citizens register to vote within their local community. The method of voting varies based on state and federal laws. The Federal Government has some oversight, but they do not run elections. Elections are run by local and state officials. State laws define how a […]

Which State is the Best Run? Worst Run State? See the Rankings

24/7 Wall St. has released its ranking of the best and worst run states.  These rankings will not be a surprise to many. The best run states The worst run states 1. North Dakota  46. New Jersey 2. Wyoming 47. Arizona 3. Nebraska 48. Illinois 4. Utah 49. Rhode Island  5. Iowa 50. California To […]

Program to Jump Start Economy

“Good enough for government work,” we have all heard that phrase. It usually is greeted with chuckles, but it really states what most of us think of the quality of government efficiency—and it is not particularly flattering. This brings us to the economic choices being offered this presidential season. The following should not be construed […]

Illinois 3rd-worst in nation for business, CEO survey says

Once again Illinois ranks 48th state to do business. Only New York and California ranked worse. Texas was ranked the best state for business for the eighth consecutive year, followed by Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana. Most of the top 20 states are also right-to-work states, a key factor in their attractiveness to CEOs, […]

Population Exodux means Loss of $26 Billion In Taxable Income for IL

the Illinois Policy Institute reports that Illinois has lost 366,616 taxpaying households, or 806,054 people, to other states since 1995.  This means the state lost an average of one resident every 10 minutes, and in 2009 alone, more than 40,000 people moved to other states. Read the story from CBS Chicago by clicking here. Click here […]

The Prevailing Wage – Radio Segment 3

Join Carol and Jack along with Chris Jenner, a school board member who supports defends, and fights for quality education and the taxpayer. A man of convictions and common sense as it pertains to government and our mis-education system.

Washington (and Illinois) Can Learn From Ohio

CN recommended from Speaker John Boehner’s press office: While President Obama pushes for more of the same failed “stimulus” policies, Ohio Governor John Kasich says Washington could learn from Ohio’s success in closing the largest budget shortfall in its history without raising taxes. “The playbook we’re following here in Ohio is simple,” says Kasich in […]