Editorial: Institutionalized Racism in Illinois Public Schools

The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado reported this week that Illinois standards are being changed in a way that will institutionalize racism in our education system. How is the education bureaucracy doing this? The state is changing the standards students have to meet by “RACE”. Yes, each race will have a separate standard to meet. Here […]

Public School Disaster

The Cato Institute has just published a nationwide study called “State Education Trends, Academic Performance and Spending over the last 40 years.” It leaves no doubt that the cost of public education has steadily increased (allowing for inflation) and the achievement has remained constant at the same low level. We taxpayers as parents are getting […]

Illegal Electioneering in Our Schools – Call your Superintendent?

The 2014 Republican primary for Governor has received an unprecedented amount of interest from liberal Democrats. A record-setting amount of money has been spent by groups including the Illinois Education Association (IEA), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and the Democratic Governor’s Association to oppose Bruce Rauner. These groups have become so […]

Teachers Unions Using Taxpayer Resources to Aid Kirk Dillard

Both major teacher unions (IEA & IFT) are using school district email services and personnel in an attempt to get teachers to crossover and vote in the Republican primary for Kirk Dillard. The EducationMatters.us blog did a FOIA of school districts across the state.  Here are some excerpts from the emails uncovered so far.  The […]

Dillard Should Explain Union Endorsements

Bill Brady held a press conference to ask Kirk Dillard to “come clean” on his union endorsements and money. Brady, of Bloomington, also said state Sen. Kirk Dillard, R-Hinsdale, needs to “come clean” on how he won the endorsement of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union. “I think it is imperative […]

Dillard Gets $1.4 Million from Public Sector Unions

The following table is the summary of all the money donated to Kirk Dillard over the years from Public Sector Government Unions. AFL-CIO 800 AFSCME 201,800 AFT 41,200 Assoc. Fire Fighters 6,500 Chicago Federation of Labor 4,000 Chicago Fire Fighters local 2 500 Fraternal Order of Police 1,300 IEA 793,450 IFT 287,600 IL Assoc. of […]

IEA Endorsements: Who Not to Vote For

The IEA has announced it’s endorsements in the State House Races.  This makes an easy list of who NOT to vote for. “lllinois needs a fighter who believes in public schools and that is why IEA is proud to recommend Senator Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for governor.” In a primary election, anyone can […]

Teacher Unions Support Radical Anti-Family Agenda and Kirk Dillard

Did you know that the Teacher Unions support more than quality education?  They support a lot more, including Kirk Dillard.  Here is some of their radical anti-family agenda. IEA/NEA (National Education Association) – Taken from the NEA Policy Handbook: Page 13 NEA proudly supported and organized around President Obama’s vision NEA and WEAC helped make […]

Kirk Dillard Supported Forcing School Districts to Collective Bargain and Allow Teacher Strikes

Below is the recent IEA (Illinois [Mis]Education Association) mailer sent on behalf of Kirk Dillard.   What did Kirk Dillard say about teacher union rights?   Here is the quoted text from the IEA mailer above: “I was proud to stand with Gov. Thompson when he signed the collective bargaining law in 1983. It creates a fair […]

Dillard Get More Government Union Backing

AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) is endorsing Dillard in the GOP primary.  AFSCME is the third government sector union who has done so.  IEA and the IFT were the other 2 and they are all putting cash into the Dillard coffers. The Hinsdale Republican hopes the union backing will bolster his […]