Interview with Harris v Quinn Attorney: The Fight Continues

Even though Pam Harris, mother of a disabled child defeated the SEIU on Monday at the Supreme Court her fight is not over. Attorney, Bill Messenger of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation argued her case before the Supreme Court. The ruling was limited in it’s scope to non public employees, in this […]


The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a groundbreaking ruling today on the case of Harris v. Quinn. The court’s ruling states that state governments cannot force-unionize participants in state entitlement programs or force them to pay union dues as a condition of receiving help from the state. The court’s 5-4 decision was in favor of the plaintiff […]

Do Women Really NEED Unionization in Their Homes?

Is there any story that won’t be used to drag out the manufactured ‘War on Women’ meme? Please bear with me. The following scenario has layers of liberty stifling bad news, but the result of what happens in the Supreme Court ruling of Harris v. Quinn is far reaching. Pam Harris and her husband, Kevin […]