The 15 Most Stupid Things Liberals Said in 2013

Well, we are coming to the end of the year and that usually brings us to lists of things that happened during the year. To get a jump on that trend, I give you the top 15 most stupid things said by Democrats and liberals in the year 2013. Certainly what should appear on a […]

There was a time when kids were taught to respect firearms, not fear them (photos)

Kids today are reprimanded for carving out a gun-shaped pastry or wearing a tee-shirt from the National Rifle Association. But America hasn’t always been so gun-phobic. Check out these pictures of firearm safety, taught in Indiana schools in 1956… (Image: Grey Villet–Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Meyers Report: Legal, Stupid and Immoral

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the Westchester County (NY) Journal News (owned by Gannett) published the names and addresses (with a map) of gun owners in two counties. We believe it was a poor and dangerous idea for several reasons. Privacy. Just because it is legal, the information still is private. As such, […]