College of DuPage President Offers Quinn Election Votes for $20 Million State Grant

For the Good of Illinois has broken a bombshell story where the President of the College of DuPage offers Quinn votes in the upcoming election if Quinn will give him $20 million in construction grants. “I needed to identify a project that would help release our state funding. My idea: a Teaching and Learning Center. […]

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS & ADMINISTRATORS Sue to keep gold plated pensions

Read the lawsuit here _______________ YET… TOP 100 School Administrator Pensions Exceed $180,000 per year,click here. AND… over 4,767 educators have $100,000 plus annual retirement pensions- to search Heat Map click here.   This pension lawsuit is about protecting the perks of highly-compensated school administrators who don’t even work in the classroom.  Let’s examine the five superintendents and […]

Murray Center Public Hearing Oct 9

The latest news this week about the Murray Developmental Center is that a federal lawsuit on the fate of the facility has been delayed until November 4. As reported by the Belleville News Democrat, “U.S. District Judge Marvin Aspen issued an order Thursday postponing the hearing until Nov. 4 because the parties ‘continue to file […]

Governor Quinn’s Monthly Newsletter – What the Headlines Should Be

Governor Quinn sent out his monthly newsletter. I thought I would provide the headlines as they should appear instead of his spin. First, Gov. Quinn wants input on how to improve the government. Please send him tell him by clicking here. Quinn Spin: Governor Quinn Appoints Independent Task Force to Restore Trust in Northeastern Illinois […]

Special Session Democrat Pension Games – Will the GOP Play the Game

The special session called by Gov. Quinn to deal with the public pension crisis is more political games rather than real pension reform. This dynamic is more about the Governor race posturing. Gov. Pat Quinn wants something passed so he can take credit for solving the pension crisis. He wants the pension issue off the […]

Representative Ives Statement on State of the State Address

February 6, 2013 – Wheaton, Illinois – Today, as we honor the birthday and legacy of President Ronald Regan, Illinois citizens were presented with Governor Quinn’s State of the State Address. Regan once stated, “If you can’t make them see thelight, make them feel the heat.” Quinn’s statements today showed no signs that he has seen the light. His catch-phrase was, “This is our Illinois.” In talking about “our Illinois,” the Governor […]

Gov. Quinn State of the State

Governor Pat Quinn gave his State of the State address today. It can be summed up in 3 simple statements that were repeated throughout: Forward Our Illinois Hard is not impossible Gov. Quinn’s address can also be summed up as delusional in its lack of reality based solutions.  Most of his talk of jobs centered […]

Julie Morrison’s Rezko Connection

Written by the IL GOP Why is Democrat State Senate Candidate Julie Morrison taking money from a powerful former tobacco lobbyist who has been tied to convicted Democratic fundraiser and Blagojevich kickback king Tony Rezko? Public records on the Illinois Board of Elections website indicate that Morrison received $1,000 in 2012 from Strategic Government Solutions, […]

Quinn Selects Politically Connected Business as Partner On Medicaid Costs Cutting Project

The Pantagraph is reporting that Gov. Quinn has chosen a politically connected firm (MADO Management) as a partner in the project to help control Medicaid costs. CHICAGO — A for-profit nursing home company owned by a politically connected Chicago businessman is a partner in a project Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced Tuesday that aims to control health spending […]

Gov. Quinn’s Pension Reform Plan

Gov. Quinn released his pension reform plan.  The basics of it are the following: Employees pay an additional 3 percent of their salary toward their pension Change COLA (cost of living adjustment) increases to 3 percent, or one-half the rate of inflation — whichever is smaller Gradually raise the retirement age to 67 (currently as […]