Republican Establishment intent on steamrolling Tea Party conservatives

Much has happened since I last expressed my distaste over the unseemly playbook being employed in the ongoing Republican presidential race:  Newt won big in Georgia and Romney romped to a big victory in Florida and the Nevada Caucus is taking place as I write this article. Not encouraging was a posting I read by […]

Haven’t We Lived Through This Primary Before?

I’m thinking of a Republican primary. It starts with a candidate (John McCain/Mitt Romney) who ran once before, came in second place, and won over the party’s elite class without winning over its base. Other candidates, understandably unwilling to accept this, line up… Read the rest of this Slate article by clicking here. 

2012 Presidential Candidate Tax Plan Comparison

Confused about the proposed tax reform from each of the presidential candidates?  Be confused no more.  Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a single chart that covers the essential differences between each candidate’s plans. Click here to read this article from Americans for Tax Reform.

Who Is Mitt Romney? He keeps changing his identity

CN recommended by Deroy Murdock: Will the real Willard Mitt Romney please stand up? Republicans recently have watched multiple Romneys at war with each other over abortion, ethanol, global warming, and more. Alas, this is nothing new. Various Romneys have battled themselves on issues as old as the Vietnam War. Continue reading…