Cabello legislation targets pension loopholes brought to light by ex-lawmaker Farnham

When loopholes in current Illinois law allow for an ex-state lawmaker who is currently facing federal criminal charges for the most repulsive crimes to not only collect taxpayer-funded pension checks, but also to buy a last-minute retirement sweetener for time he didn’t work, alarm bells should be going off around the state. Believe it or […]

End lawmaker pensions

If you think politicians are going to fix Illinois’ crumbling pensions, you may want to see what they’ve done to their own pension fund. It’s broke. In fact, the General Assembly Retirement System, or GARS, makes Illinois’ other state-run pensions look healthy by comparison. GARS, which provides pensions to 294 retired legislators, is nearly out of […]

Madigan’s Disastrous Pension Bill Passes

Michael Madigan finally puts forth a pension bill and it passed the Illinois House. It now heads back to the Senate. Before I explain why this bill is a disaster, let’s look at the overview of the major points of the HA#1 to SB 1 via Reboot Illinois: New funding schedule New method for certifying […]

Gov. Quinn Introduces Squeezy, the Pension Python

Gov. Quinn introduces Squeezy, the pension python and its associated website The website gives Quinn’s take on the Pension Crisis. His mission is Halt the increasing pension pressure on the budget and its far-reaching effects NOW because it can’t wait Ensure retirement security for our teachers and others Secure the Illinois that we want […]