Cullerton to CPS teachers: Give up benefits or risk ‘thousands’ of layoffs

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Public Schools’ teachers will need to give up some benefits during upcoming pension system negotiations, or run the risk of “thousands and thousands” of layoffs, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, said Monday. ————————————————————- “Chicago Public Schools have a problem and we need to act now,” Cullerton said. “I know […]

Karen Lewis Takes Aim at Critic of CPS Teachers

By Karen Lewis September 14, 2012 Millionaire capitalist Bruce Rauner, ranked No. 90 on Chicago Magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Chicagoans,” and who donated enough money to the Noble Network of Charter Schools to get his name on one, published a scathing opinion aimed at Chicago Public Schools teachers in Wednesday’s Tribune. The amount of anger […]

The CTU Strike is About Protecting Raw Political Power

Sometime in just about all our lives, we have been touched by the magic that a great teacher can perform in the classroom. I know I have been. However, we must not allow this nostalgia for a great teacher to lead to a romanticized view of what is actually happening day in and day out […]

Chicago Public School Faces Nearly Billion Dollar Deficit by 2014

Chicago Public Schools voted on August 22 to spend $400 Million in reserves. This budget shortfall will be updated based on the teachers contract, which most likely means an even bigger shortfall. In addition, CPS will have to start making full pension payments again in 2014 after a 4 year pension holiday. The expected deficit […]

Teaching Students to Protest

From Breitbart: Jones College Prep, a Chicago Public Schools “selective enrollment” school, held “Social Justice Week” in March, a collection of events geared towards turning students into activists. Here is the video of what the students were taught: Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education also approves of teaching students to protest: Arne Duncan’s stand is no […]