The 15 Most Stupid Things Liberals Said in 2013

Well, we are coming to the end of the year and that usually brings us to lists of things that happened during the year. To get a jump on that trend, I give you the top 15 most stupid things said by Democrats and liberals in the year 2013. Certainly what should appear on a […]

Common Core Assignment: Revise the Bill of Rights

By Allison Martinez The Free Patriot BRYANT, Ark. – Welcome to the first day of civics class in the Common Core. Your first assignment? Revising the Bill of Rights in the U.S Constitution because it is an “outdated” document? The worksheet says: “You have been selected to work on a National Revised Bill of Rights […]

Downstate News from Sen Kyle McCarter

Medicaid Reform- 44 Million Dollars Saved & That’s Just the Start! A joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee met Tuesday, Sept. 17 to take up the issue of Medicaid Reform or more specifically to review issues raised about a state contract with a company, Maximus, hired to review Medicaid rolls for ineligible recipients. “The contract was a […]

Adopt a Constitution Holder Project

From West Suburban Patriots There has been an interesting phenomenon occurring in the western suburbs. There have been numerous sightings of a certain booklet. People have been noticing a display of this booklet at their local library, favorite restaurant, barber shop, beauty salon, store, and even the golf course. These displays have been emptied of […]

Is Texas Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

One of the most important facets of the United States’ justice system can be summed up in a phrase: innocent until proven guilty. The Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold this integral part of our justice system for all fifty states has been met with opposition from an unlikely source: the Department of Justice. Attorney […]

Legal Opinion: Obama’s recess appointments Unconstitutional

President Obama’s attempt to unilaterally appoint three people to seats on the National Labor Relations Board and Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (after the Senate blocked action on his nomination) is more than an unconstitutional attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role. It is a breathtaking violation of the separation […]