Middle Schoolers Celebrate Killing Baby

On Friday, a middle school class at Churchville-Chili Middle School in Churchville, NY had a class assignment about Shaken Baby Syndrome. In the class students were asked to shake a baby until it stopped crying, i.e. it was dead. Below is the story of one student as relayed to me by their parent: Today my […]

Dr. Duke Pesta Explains Common Core

The Northern Illinois Patriots hosted Dr. Duke Pesta last night in Libertyville to explain who created the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and how it is and was forced into the public schools.  Dr. Pesta’s website is FPEUSA.org. Full Presentation  Q & AOne thing I learned was that Common Core was reviewed by a panel […]

CA School Assignment: Was the Holocaust Real?

In a Common Core aligned assignment 8th grade students in Rialto, CA were asked to write a paper confirming or denying the Holocaust was a real event.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The assignment allows the students to give credibility to the Holocaust deniers. “When tragic events occur in history, there is often debate about […]

California Mom “Suspended” From Son’s School Over Testing Opt-Out Forms

Katherine Duran is a concerned mom whose 12-year-old son attends Mark Twain Elementary School in the Sacramento City Unified School District in California. She is concerned about the Common Core State Standards and the assessments that go along with it and co-founded Concerned Parents of Elk Grove an advocacy group dedicated to informing families about […]

Thorner/O'Neil: Agenda 21 ties directly to Obama's controversial Common Core standards

The United Nations Agenda 21 has quietly changed the makeup of our cities and rural areas through highly questionable tactics, clothed in lofty adjectives such as “smart growth” and “sustainability,” as we’ve written previously. Agenda 21 activists have quietly initiated laws that allowed the government to confiscate our land, water, private property, and wilderness areas. Their ultimate goal is to strip Americans of […]

Building the Machine – The Common Core Documentary

Via CommonCoreMovie.com

Common Core: Friendly Number Math

The image below is from a Common Core Aligned assignment. The assignment is to subtract 3 digit numbers and then also to use addition to check the results. The student appears to show the correct answers and how he got them.  The problem the teacher had was he did not use the “friendly number” technique […]

Teacher Unions Support Radical Anti-Family Agenda and Kirk Dillard

Did you know that the Teacher Unions support more than quality education?  They support a lot more, including Kirk Dillard.  Here is some of their radical anti-family agenda. IEA/NEA (National Education Association) – Taken from the NEA Policy Handbook: Page 13 NEA proudly supported and organized around President Obama’s vision NEA and WEAC helped make […]

Common Core Forum – Palatine March 1

Palatine Elementary District will be holding a common core forum for the community this Saturday. Saturday, Mar. 1 – 9 AM Joseph M. Kiszka Educational Service Center 580 N. 1st Bank Dr. Palatine, ILFrom the Journal Online: During the forum, a panel of board members and district administrators will take questions from the community regarding […]

Kirk Dillard and Common Core

With the IEA endorsing and financially supporting Kirk Dillard, I thought is was appropriate to review the IEA and other teacher unions role in the creation of Common Core. First here are a few quotes by Cinda Klicka, IEA President: Common core, because it is the process of providing the technique of teaching, gives all of us a […]