Rahm Emanuel Wants Springfield to Raise Property Taxes

With the city of Chicago facing a pension crisis of their own, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is looking to Springfield for help. He wants the Michael Madigan and John Cullerton to get the legislature to raise property taxes so he doesn’t get the blame. Last Friday, the mayor held a 2.5-hour meeting with the Illinois House […]

Chicago Teachers Union Joins Socialists to Form Political Organization

By Kristina Betinis Earlier this month, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) formed an “Independent Political Organization” (IPO) that will support candidates in upcoming elections in the state of Illinois. The new formation has brought the CTU and other unions together with an array of liberal and pseudo-left organizations, from the International Socialist Organization (one of […]

Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton

Most surprising is that Dillard’s union PAC receipts outpaced even Democratic Senator John Cullerton, who is widely seen as the leading union supporter and a major obstacle to real pension reform.  

Earn the Right to be Proud: No Going Back

Jeanne Ives, Republican Nominee, State Rep. D-42 September 14, 2012 – Wheaton, Illinois – “We’ve now been in office over 1,000 days, and there’s not been a hint, not a mention of scandal in this administration. And, there’s no chance we’ll go back.”  To anyone who has even remotely followed Illinois politics, these words, in that order, […]