Limiting Education Choices

After several weeks of trying to teach my second grader how to ride a bicycle, I became pretty frustrated. I tried instructing Gracie the same way my parents taught me when I was 6. But I couldn’t understand what was going wrong. My poor mother must have run miles up and down West Street in […]

A moratorium on online learning means missed opportunities for Illinois’ children

SPRINGFIELD – The most startling thing about being a parent for me is how remarkably different each of my three daughters are. It’s as if each was born with a distinct personality. And while they are all bright girls, they learn in distinctly different ways. My 7-year-old- Grace loves to draw and paint, and needs […]

Chicago School Closings Highlight Need for Choice

Chicago Public Schools has chosen to close 54 schools, co-locating 11 more and having a completely new staff in 7. These closures make it harder for the children on charter school waiting lists to get out of the failing schools. Here are few sobering statistics from the Chicago Tribune on Chicago Public Schools: 8,781 students dropped out […]

Elgin U-46 Will Reject Virtual Charter School

I attended the Elgin U-46 School Board meeting tonight to express my opinion and to listen to the information on the Illinois Virtual Charter School at Fox River Valley Charter school presentation. It was clear from the questioning of the board and the seemingly scripts public comment from teachers and union members that the Charter […]