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Listen to the archive of Jack Roeser talking to Bill Zettler, author of Illinois Pension Scam.   It includes a discussion of Bill’s breaking news from the week about Gov. Quinn’s former Deputy Chief of Staff being overpaid by nearly $1117,000 per year since retiring in 2010.  

Gov Quinn Former Deputy Chief of Staff Overpaid in Retirement by Over $100,000 Per Year

In news broken yesterday by Bill Zettler, Director of Research for Family Taxpayers Foundation, discovered that the Gov Pat Quinn’s former Deputy Chief of Staff is receiving nearly $117,000 more per year than she is supposed to. Carolyn Brown Hodge retired in late 2009 after being fined for using state property to do political work. […] Radio 2013 Year End Review

Listen to the 2013 yearly review with Jack Roeser, Deb Gordils, Bill Zettler, Lennie Jarratt, Michael Carbone, Michael Brown, and Drew Meiner.  

Pension Reform Fails – Thank Goodness

Real reform is not going to happen though as long as the Democrats continue to win elections. They see no downside, since it has not cost them votes. Until Madigan and the Democrats lose elections, Illinois will continue to be the most broke and the most corrupt state thanks to the voters who don’t understand who is truly responsible for continuing the problems in our state.

Transparency at LFHS sends a warning to other school districts

When teachers at Lake Forest High School District went on strike on Sept 12, many residents of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and in surrounding communities expressed dismay.  Often asked was whether Lake Forest High School teachers had a tin ear. An article in the Chicago Tribune by reporters Lisa Black and Jeff Danna on the morning of the […]

Bill Zettler, Illinois Pension Scam – Champion News Talk Radio

Illinois Pension Scam with Bill Zettler Bill Zettler was trained as a software engineer and has spent the last 40 years designing software ranging from war games for NORAD to a variety of financial and statistical applications. Since 1983 he has owned William Zettler and Associates, a software and IT company based in Prospect Heights, […]

Top 100 Teacher Salaries for 2011: Phys. Ed Teacher Heads List with $203,154.

As Illinoiscitizens struggle with the severe economic downturn plaguing the state, Illinois public school employees enjoy another record year of salaries, fringe benefits and pensions.  In 2011 an amazing 14,866 public school employees made more than $100,000, up 18% from 2010’s 12,588. See Top 100 Teachers Salary here in Excel 2010 format.   See Top […]

The Four Rules of “Too”: The Real Reason Why Illinois Pensions Are in Trouble

From the archive: If you listen to union representatives and their lackeys in the media you will hear this constant refrain: Illinois pension problems are the direct result of the taxpayers not paying their fair share over the last 15 years. This is patently false. The problem with Illinois public pensions is the result of […]

Retired teachers getting pensions for 157,700 years they never worked; Should this be guaranteed by the Constitution?

I often read letters-to-the-editor or get an email from a teacher that says something like: “I worked 30 years as a teacher and …” But when I check the official state records that teacher has worked 28 or 29 not the 30 mentioned. Why is that? Well teachers get pensions paid on “Service Credit” not […]

Bill Zettler, Dan Mitchell, and Holman Jenkins comment on Greece (and Illinois)

Two notes we received the other day dovetailed nicely. The first was from Champion News star contributor Bill Zettler: “Substitute the word ‘Illinois’ [in the following] and it fits exactly.” “Right now America Illinois is nothing more than Greece with better PR. And note I said right now, because at the rate we’re going, we’re […]