Editorial: Institutionalized Racism in Illinois Public Schools

The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado reported this week that Illinois standards are being changed in a way that will institutionalize racism in our education system. How is the education bureaucracy doing this? The state is changing the standards students have to meet by “RACE”. Yes, each race will have a separate standard to meet. Here […]

We Can’t Afford Rutherford for Governor

Rutherford was Illinois State Treasurer for the last four years, can you remember anything constructive he accomplished? Did he expose any of the many financial flops of the dominant Democrats? He’s made many boring speeches in his run for Governor. I listened to one about his great savings in rubber bands and paper clips by […]

The Once Great State of Illinois, Who is to Blame for it’s Downfall?

I’m 89 years old and remember when Illinois was the biggest concentration of industry and jobs in the world. Even in the 1930’s depression they said, “If you can’t get a job in Chicago, you can’t get a job anywhere.” Today, we are known for being the most crooked and the most financially busted of […]

IEA Busts Illinois

The Republicans in Illinois lost in 2012 because the Democrats are the party of the rich.  They will again win in 2014 if we don’t take out the big source of their money. That source is the Education labor unions, particularly the Illinois Education Association (IEA), subsidiary of the NEA.  These Illinois education unions took […]

Illinois Politics has been corrupted

Illinois is known worldwide for its crooked politics, and now it is also the most financially busted state. Wherever the money comes from to achieve these titles, it doesn’t come cheap. Look no further than the supposedly broke education system. The IEA and CTU Unions took $132 million in dues from the teachers in just […]