Judge Halts Pension Reform

As many expected, a judge has issued a stay on the pension reform passed last December.  The case is likely to take a couple of years before it is decided at the Illinois Supreme Court. Here is a statement from the President of the Illinois AFL-CIO, Michael Carrigan: “This is an important first step in […]

Dillard Gets $1.4 Million from Public Sector Unions

The following table is the summary of all the money donated to Kirk Dillard over the years from Public Sector Government Unions. AFL-CIO 800 AFSCME 201,800 AFT 41,200 Assoc. Fire Fighters 6,500 Chicago Federation of Labor 4,000 Chicago Fire Fighters local 2 500 Fraternal Order of Police 1,300 IEA 793,450 IFT 287,600 IL Assoc. of […]

Unions to Spend $300 Million in 2014 Governor Races

By Kyle Maichle, Editor of Wisconsin Election Watch HOUSTON, TX – The nation’s leading labor union will plan to spend $300 million in 2014 trying to unseat Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and four other Republican Governors. People’s World reported that the AFL-CIO announced on Thursday morning during a press conference in Houston that they would […]

Follow the Money: State Senator Dillard (R )

The article below was originally published here on Champion News in January 2008.   Dillard received a total of $68,615 from gambling companies. $8,500 from  Alton Gaming Company;  $12,415 from  Arlington International Racecourse;  $500 from  Casino Queen; $10,000 from  Elgin Riverboat Resort; $5,950 from Express Casino; $3,500 from Harrah’s Operating Company; $1,200 from Hawthorne National; […]

More on Plans to Hijack GOP Primary

Rich Miller, Capitol Fax: “[O]rganized labor is moving ever closer to jumping into this primary battle, sources say. The idea, as I’ve told you before, is to spend a relative few million bucks attacking Rauner in the primary rather than being forced to spend tens of millions to fend him off in the fall.” Madeline […]

Labor Unions, Citizens United and Political Donations

Labor Union leadership likes to rail against the Citizens United ruling and how it allowed corporations to spend unlimited money on politics. What is not as well known though, is that the AFL-CIO actually supported Citizens United by filing an amicus brief “in support of the Appellant”. In its brief, the union coalition argued that […]