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RIP Jack Roeser 


Jack Roeser, Publisher

Jack Roeser is an entrepreneur in business and politics. He is Chairman and founder of Otto Engineering Inc. in Carpentersville, Illinois which manufactures electronic control and communication switches for aerospace, medical and industrial uses. Previously, he started three other successful businesses which are now owned by large corporations.

In 1991, Jack was selected as “High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” in Illinois. He was also chosen as an Outstanding Alumnus of the University of Illinois in 1996. A Pi Tau Sigma honors graduate of the University of Illinois in Mechanical Engineering, Jack holds over 50 patents in Electrical, Mechanical, Machinery and Marine products.

Jack enlisted in the Army in 1942 and served in the Combat Engineers in the South Pacific.

In May of 2009, the 416th Theater Engineer Command presented the coveted Bronze de Fleury Award to Jack. The medal has inscribed in Latin, “A Memorial and Reward for Courage and Boldness.” Click here to read more about the award and the presentation.

In 1994, he ran for Governor in the Republican primary, receiving 26% of the primary vote. He also served by appointment on Governor Edgar’s Education Transition Team and Lamar Alexander’s Education 2000 in Illinois.

For the past 25 years, Jack has been an advocate of education reform through the application of free market principles and of school choice. He lives in Barrington, Illinois with his wife Jeannine. His sport is sailing; he has won the Chicago to Mackinac race among many others.

After working as an engineer for several other reputable firms, Jack began his own engineering manufacturing company in 1961 with $5,000. He operated the business in Morton Grove for several years before moving it to Carpentersville.

Today, Otto Engineering is housed in a beautifully renovated campus on the east and west banks of the Fox River. Last year, Otto had over 500 employees and annual sales of over $79 million. Otto’s success is marked by the high precision and quality of its products.

In May, 2005, the late conservative columnist Tom Roeser (no relation) wrote a column about Jack. You can read the article here.


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