GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off Minus Front Runner Bruce Rauner

Three of the candidates, state Sen. Bill Brady, state Treasurer Dan Rutherford and state Sen. Kirk Dillard attended the Will County Tea Party forum in Plainfield, but the front-runner — Bruce Rauner — was a no-show.

An empty chair was placed on stage for Rauner, who asked that a surrogate read an opening statement for him, a request that was denied.

The questions ranged from jobs to education.

Brady said he plans to abolish the State Board of Education if he’s elected governor.

Rutherford was asked about his views on same sex marriage.

“I think we need to be very sensitive about this kind of a discussion. Is it perfect to be in a world that has a man and a woman bearing their natural-born child? Sure it is. But it isn’t a perfect world we live in,” Rutherford said.

Dillard was asked about Rauner’s claim that union bosses control politicians.

“I’ve taken money from the Operating Engineers, that’s a private union, and they’re concerned, and they support me because they believe I’m the best candidate,” Dillard said.

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  1. One thing is clear the GOP candidates except for Rauner are responsible and benefactors of the fraud and corruption executed on us taxpayers. At this point Rauner is unknown but he is the only candidate in this race from the Illinois Parties who has not raped and robbed the taxpayers as a Public Sector employee. Couldn’t image any Tea Party members meeting with the three Amigos indicated here based on ethical principles any real Tea Party member would have asked for their resignation and imprisonment.

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