The Nuclear Option: The ‘Dangerous, Paranoid Radicals’ of Another Day

They warned against unstoppable encroachment by the federal government and were branded “radicals.” They openly protested and wore funny clothes.

They became paranoid and suspected the government was spying on them because of their political beliefs. Fearful of a new tyranny, they invoked the Founding Fathers to demand freedom.

They feared for their precious children and the diminished liberty this corrupted America would hold for them.

So they gathered in secret and vowed to take action. They plotted to overthrow the evil regime.

It all sounds like a tea party gathering of black helicopter crazies in Roswell, NM, plotting the next revolution. Just ask any reporter.

Or maybe a Ron Paul-tard convention, or a Sarah Palin motorcycle rally. Thank God that Homeland Security is keeping close tabs on these dangerous militants.

Except, these people were nothing of the sort.

They were John and Bonnie Raines, Keith Forsyth, and Haverford College physics professor William Davidon.

Today, they are old; Davidon is dead. But in 1971, they were anti-war hippies, hellbent on forcing an end to the war in Vietnam. In protesting the war, they caught the creeping eye of J. Edgar Hoover and his domestic gestapo. The thugocracy ran license plates, spied on citizens and smeared good people.

Overwhelmed by grievances against their government, the mad hippies took action. They broke into an FBI office in Media, PA and stole suitcases full of files from the office. At a safe house, they examined the records and were stunned to learn the extent of the federal government’s abuses — at least the ones the government kept records on.

The daring group of burglars began mailing the evidence to various reporters around the country and thus began the unraveling of one of the most shameful regimes ever sanctioned under the American flag.

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Source: Breitbart

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