Can Republican-Voting Teachers be Trusted?

Can Republican-voting teachers in the public school system be trusted to teach our children?  They are living a lie.  Every teacher in the public school system pays part of their salary to elect Democrat candidates – whether the teachers are Democrats, Republicans, Independents or anything else.  Isn’t this hypocrisy at its finest?  These so called Republican teachers are willing to pay dues to their union to keep their jobs – even though the dues are used to pay for the campaign of Democrats.  Where is the outrage?  We are teaching our kids to be weak, to be hypocrites, to be beholden to their union, to be quiet, to let others make their decisions.  It is shameful.

As we research our database of teachers throughout Illinois, we have discovered thousands of Republican-voting teachers throughout the state.  How can they possibly allow unions to use their money to elect Democrats?  I have a hard time understanding how anyone that is educated needs to have a few individuals in a union make all of their decisions in the first place.  Are they too weak to make decisions on their own?

If they are capable of making decisions, are they too weak to stand up for their principles?  How can they allow their money to be used by the unions to elect liberals with ideas that are diametrically opposed to their own? This could be the source of the problem with the public education system and the declining test scores in America.  Weak-minded and weak-principled people being dominated by a union that dictates all that they do in order to get a pension at the end of a few years of service.  Is it worth it? When they retire will they be able to sit on their porch rocker and think “I really made a difference.”  You sure did.  You contributed to make one hell of a difference – for the worse.

America needs principled leaders.  Our public school system needs principled leaders.  Our children need great role models.  We need teachers with a spine.

Then there are the candidates who are teachers and running for a Republican office. They will be paying from their own pocket to help their opponent beat them!  That is pure insanity.

Here is a solution for those teachers who call themselves Republicans.  It will help you to quit pretending to be Republicans and give you a tool to stand behind your principles.


Issue:  Public Teachers Union Dues collection and political distribution to Democrat candidates.

Complaint: Public union employees are paid by all IL taxpayers (including Republicans).  Public teachers union employees (including Republicans) pay union dues from their salaries whether they want to or not. Money collected by unions for political purposes goes to elect democrats who support the union and all of the conflict of interests this represents.

Plaintiffs: Class action on behalf of all Republican teachers.

Defendants: Public Teachers union, as well as,  all current and past elected officials who have voted for and allowed union dues (taxpayer money) to be used for political purposes to elect only Democrats.


1. Teachers union must collect dues from participants directly rather than by payroll deduction.

2.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Beck decision that only 20% of union dues went to represent teachers at their work place, that 80% was a political contribution, and the Beck decision says that teachers don’t have to pay that 80% of their dues.

Basis: Hundreds of millions of dollars of union dues (taxpayers’ money) has been used to elect Democrats in Illinois.  Millions of taxpayers are not Democrats, which makes this a huge conflict of interest.

Jim Edwards is the Political Editor for Champion News.


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