Columnist says public schools can’t improve as long as unions fight for the status quo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a recent Detroit News editorial, Richard Berman puts the blame of America’s troubled education system exactly where it belongs: on the teachers unions.

everyone has to sacrificeBerman, executive director for the Center for Union Facts, explains how union work rules and contract clauses are hurting public schools by limiting principals’ staffing options and protecting poor or dangerous teachers.

Recent international test results show American students continue to slip farther behind their peers, and are now trailing students in Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia and Russia. Countries that spend less per student and have higher levels of immigration and poverty are also outperforming U.S. students, Berman wrote.

“Education unions such as the American Federation of Teachers, which have had a stranglehold over public schools for decades, are deeply invested in the status quo. Union officials like the AFT’s Randi Weingarten spend millions of dollars every year lobbying against laws that would allow schools to fire poor performing teachers or oppose attempts to pay excellent teachers more without endless delays,” Berman wrote.

“Rather than streamline the system, unions have installed a cumbersome bureaucracy of work rules and regulations that ensure older teachers can keep their jobs over more talented younger teachers. Teacher union contracts regularly run longer than 100 pages, largely composed of work rules and other stifling regulations.”

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  1. Does anyone really still believe all these claims for the destruction of the Public Education System? The key enablers are your Political Class which has passed all the laws and mandates requested by its Public Education members and unions. The Political Class has also conducted the greatest fraud in history upon taxpayers with the millionaire compensation and pension programs systemic of the Public Sector and the Public Education System. The criminals of the Public Sector have created and institutionalized this fraud for their enrichment. It is not only the fault of the unions but rather its is the result of the criminals in our Public Sector and Political Class that such a massive fraud could be constructed and executed for over 50 years. The taxpayers are generally clueless as to the magnitude of these 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus these millionaire pensions on the impending total bankruptcy of this nation. The crimes by the US Public Sector make the Russian Mafia operated Government look like amateurs.

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