Mississippi State Senator Exposes Shocking Truth about Common Core Adoption (Video)

By Dana Criswell

Education reform is always an important and much debated topic and unfortunately for the students of Mississippi politics has entered the debate.  State Senator Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, revealed that the State Department of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards without seeking approval from its legislative oversight committee.

In a speech published on YouTube Sen. Watson, who sits on the Senate Education Committee, made a shocking revelation about how the new standards were adopted.  These “state-led” standards were never discussed by the Senate Education Committee before the new standards were adopted by the State Board of Education.  Sen. Watson revealed that they were never informed or advised of the decision which means “nine unelected officials” adopted the Common Core State Standards for the entire State of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition (MSCC) has taken a closer look at the Common Core Standards and have found several problems, citing more overreach from the federal government, higher than expected costs, potentially lower overall standards, and the most recent revelation of possible race-based standards in the program as the latest in a growing list of concerns.

Coalition Policy Chairman Senator Michael Watson said,

“The latest news of racial measures in other states and how that might lead to differences in student outcomes make it even more troubling than it already was, increasing the need for us to take a step back.”

Senator Angela Hill (R-Picayune), a former educator, is planning to introduce legislation during the 2014 legislative session to pause the implementation of Common Core standards because of the many troubling revelations. She stated:

“Many parents in Mississippi are worried about the fast paced implementation of Common Core in our schools, and feel a number of questions haven’t been answered. We owe it to …read more

Source: Watchdog Wire

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