Will Young People Really Be Pulling the Obamacare Cart?

young-peopleIn order for the Affordable Healthcare Plan to “work,” millions of healthy young people need to enroll in the exchanges in order to defray the cost of older less healthy people. If younger Americans do not become paying contributors into the health exchanges, we will enter what many call “the death spiral” with skyrocketing premiums. As the health insurance companies are not able to defray the higher costs of caring for the old onto the “young invincibles,” history will be left with another failed attempt at socialized medicine.

Are young people going to sign up and pay double the current rates to become paying contributors into this system? Most critics point out that young people are not likely to sign up because of increased costs. What is the incentive to pay into a system that would accept them if they have an accident or get sick since there are no longer pre-existing condition roadblocks? One ironic and unintended consequence now coming to light is many young people are discovering that they don’t have to pay into the system at all but can get free or heavily subsidized insurance via Medicaid.

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  1. This latest Government Socialism will be funded by major increases in the healthcare insurance costs and the micro-managing or rationing of care by the “Death Panels”. This is the European and Canadian System where the availability of care will be decided by a Panel based solely on your age and societal standing (Political position). It is the ultimate Euthanasia that is practiced under Socialism and Communism all the time. Rationing of care at higher costs or taxation and the risk management through Euthanasia. It is amazing to see Americans march to this type of Communism which has been coming here since the FDR administration.

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