Same-Sex Marriage Passes in Illinois House

SB-10 was voted on today and passed by the House of Representatives. The final vote was 61 Yes, 54 No and 2 Present. The following Republicans who voted for the bill are Tom Cross, Ron Sandack and Ed Sullivan. Two Democrats voted Present, they were Rita Mayfield and Derrick Smith.


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  1. imbustinloose says:

    It’s no great secret Illinois is being run by mostly progressives on both sides of the aisle. This vote is a distraction to what the real problems this state has. High unemployment, debt due to pension fraud, and years of letting Chicago run this state. Homosexual marriage was not something that needed to be addressed when our state is losing businesses and tax payers are being fiscally raped by these progressive criminals in Government. Let’s see which of the GOP candidates for Governor steps up and expresses outrage. My guess is none of them. Someone prove me.wrong!!!!

  2. It is an Unconstitutional Law because it cannot be enforced in any court. The term Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. The legislators need to learn how to write a law because they are not only criminals but illiterate. What they should do is extend civil unions to include all the Rights attributed to Marriage under the law today. But same sex marriage is a contradiction in words and cannot be a recognized or have standing under the law because it violates the basic principles of the philosophy of logic which is inherent in all laws.


  1. […] Repp Sam Yingling (D-62)voted to approve the SB10 legalizing same sex marriage in Illinois once the bill is signed by Gov. Quinn. At the Governors Mansion after the vote, Yingling proposed […]

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