Bruce Rauner for Governor

BruceRauner2I have already written about how Kirk Dillard was funded by, and supported the teachers unions who have caused our massive financial crisis; how we cannot afford Dan Rutherford; and how Bill Brady cannot handle the state’s fiscal problems. It is now time to discuss my views on Bruce Rauner.

I have known Bruce Rauner for several years. During that time I have watched him repeatedly take on the teachers unions to help the school children. As I’ve stated many times, the teachers union bosses have been a driving force behind making Illinois the most broke state and the most corrupt state, ruining Illinois’ finances and making our state among the worst run in the nation. They are part of the money collecting machine that controls Illinois. These union bosses take approximately $132 million per year from the hard working teachers who are doing their best to educate our children. These union bosses use much of that money to buy most politicians in the Democratic Party, like Mike Madigan, and unfortunately many Republicans too, like Kirk Dillard.

I have watched Bruce Rauner put millions of dollars of his own money into helping disadvantaged children gain access to a quality education. While Chicago Public Schools have only 21% of 8th graders proficient at reading at grade level, Rauner has helped start and fund charter schools in Chicago. Rauner not only talks about helping provide a quality education to all children, he is actively providing those opportunities. In fact of the top non-selective schools in Chicago, the top 11 are charter schools. Some even score higher than the selective schools. Rauner walks the walk with HIS money, while the career politicians in Springfield spend YOUR money.

I have watched Bruce Rauner fight for ways to improve our teacher quality with legislation. He has worked relentlessly on this effort only to have government union bosses and career politicians on both sides of the aisle water down the legislation dramatically. There is need for tough business like action to counter the abusive IEA (Illinois MisEducation Association).

Bruce Rauner’s life is an example of living and achieving the American Dream through capitalism and the free market. He has built one of the most successful and respected investment firms in the country and yes, has made millions of dollars in the process. That is exactly what every supporter of freedom, capitalism and the American Dream should aspire to do.

I also know Bruce has a strong moral compass and respect for our values. I am confident he will do the right thing.

The main question that needs to be asked is how will Bruce Rauner’s business experience and school choice advocacy allow him to FIX state government instead of perpetuate the broken system in Springfield?

  1. Let’s start with the biggest problem facing Illinois. The career politicians in Springfield talk about the pension debt being over $100 Billion. In fact, without reforms the amount owed by the big 3 pension systems (TRS, SERs, SURS) will be over $600 Billion by 2045. While the career politicians in Springfield, which included Dillard, Rutherford and Brady, made promises they could not keep and spent money they did not have, the pension funds averaged around an 8% return. In contrast, Bruce’s investment firm averaged 17% return during that same time. This is an astounding record for which the state and the teachers themselves should be thankful. Without Bruce, the pension debt would be even greater today.
  2. Bruce is a master negotiator. He has done far more high pressure, high dollar negotiations than all three of the other candidates combined. Bruce does his homework before every negotiation session and is well prepared for any contingencies that may arise. These skills will make him a formidable negotiator with the government union bosses, Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton. He will be prepared to win for the taxpayer.

  3. Bruce is very effective at building bridges and finding common ground with those of different political beliefs. He knows how to turn these common issues into action and real solutions. Many people want to bash him for this skill, but is it a much needed skill that is sorely lacking in the career politicians in Springfield today.

  4. Given the records of the three other career politicians running for Governor, it is clear they would just preserve the status quo. The last thing we need is more of the same in Illinois. Bruce stands in stark contrast to the career politicians that are running. He cannot be bought and will FIX the system instead of just changing the party in charge.

In closing, the three other Republican candidates are nice fellows, but they have been eye witnesses and active participants in Springfield through the years of destruction of our state. We need Bruce Rauner to fix Springfield and bring about smarter government. Join me in supporting Bruce Rauner as we fight the teachers unions, Democrats like Mike Madigan and Pat Quinn, and the career politicians to restore Illinois.

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  1. I would have to agree with your assessment of Rauner as the only possible solution to address the massive fraud and crime in our Public Sector operations today from the field of potential candidates. It will clearly take an outsider from the Political Class in order to attack the corruption and crime in these operations. I will differ on your assessment of the teachers for they are as guilty in this fraud as their union operations. The 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus the millionaire pension scams are throughout the Public Sector and in the Public Education System. And the Public Education System is far from exemplary in its performance and outcomes. The facts are that the US Public Education System is a failure and that is not only attributable to the unions and Politicians but to the Educators themselves.

  2. This a great article by Mr. Jack Roeser…a great gentlemen and a true American from the GREATEST GENERATION. Mr. Roeser has been a pillar of a man, fighting financial abuses/corruption in the Illinois Education system. Mr. Roeser is a CHAMPION in many ways…especially for the kids in our schools. His financial generosity in support of good and honest candidates in our state, and country, is legendary. I am glad that he is supporting a man of my generation…Mr. Bruce Rauner, a man of equal resolve and determination.

  3. Eileen Wright says:

    Hey Jack, your friend Bruce is in favor of killing babies in the womb. I thought you were pro life. Shame on you, if you are pro life, and voting for Rauner…#hypocrite
    He won’t give his stance on gay marriage, ha, ha. He wants a referendum and will do whatever the people vote for #nospine

    • Danni Smith says:

      One of the main differences between political foes is the lack of honesty and twisting some people are willing to do. You are wrong. He is in favor of term limits and those are the only babies, the corruption that breeds and grows nutured by too much time as an insider, that he would kill during gestation.

      • Eileen Wright says:

        Show me how I am wrong. What did I twist? I listened to his one hour interview with Joe Walsh; maybe you should listen to it.

        • Danni Smith says:

          Not only did I listen to it, I was a caller with a question and was on air. As far as term limits, if you had listened to the interview you would know Rauner is the organizing force to get it on the ballot. I am one of those people circulating for signatures on a petition to get it on the ballot-so if you want something to happen, sign a petition, better, yet, circulate to get signatures yourself. Lastly, I must say WOW, to your comment that Rauner is “no spine” on gay marriage, stating it should be a referendum-that your opinion on these various issues we have discussed herein does not reflect knowledge that the overriding governing in these United States is constitutionally by the “will of the people” is something that makes written conversation tedious, when education on issues is required. Everything has become a two class system here-the pols, whether State or Fed and the rest of us. The pols have made us more and more their slaves-look at the insider trading they are allowed to do and is done daily making them rich, and you, unless you are a pol, would go to jail for the same activity. John Kerry just did it with insurance companies, Pelosi did it with credit cards, Reid did it with land deals in Colorado, Hastert did it with covert payments and land deals in Illinois. Look at their bocare waiver, and I could list so much more. Suffice to say, an elected official who wants to represent the will of the people gets my vote. What we always hope for is that they mean it and follow thru-most of them lie-I’m thinking about the few in the news recently.
          Dick Durbin-a rich, how did that happen?, pol lies about an insult to the prez
          Mark Kirk-who lied about his military record, defends Liardurbin
          Prez-did not know about benghazi/bocarewebsitefailure/merkelspying/irstargeting
          Quinn-“I will veto any state income tax increase above 1%” a campaign promise and campaign lie.
          So, you can criticize Rauner for saying he will leave it to the people, but if he never takes a personal stance, you will never be able to say he lied for votes. I have seen Rauner in person several times-I’m old and wise and my gut tells me he is sincere. You should try to do the same.
          I just want someone honest and unwired who is not a rich wannabe, because he already is.

  4. Mr. G. G. Garcia says:

    Jack, we met at an Oberweis breakfast in Carpentersville at a Mexican Restaurant several years ago. You asked me a question on immigration. Hope to see you again on the campaign trail for Jim. I am an avid supporter, an Oberweis zealot. I want to help him dump Obama’s cheerleader and chief proponent in Illinois of ObamacaresNOT, Sen. Dick Durbin.

    You make a strong case for Rauner for Governor, almost unassailable. However, he is for abortion. For some of us, that transcends politics. It is a soul issue. You glibly dismissed it with one sentence. But how can he make it right? If he is for it, I am against him.

    We chose to move to Iliinois 15 years ago. It was corrupt then and its is corrupt now. I can wait another four years for a better crop of GOP candidates. The LIeutenant governor candidates give me hope for a better future. Wish I could by-pass the top guys. None of them makes the grade.

    • Oberweiss? Really? The guy that wants to play a hand of poker or draw straws for the nomination instead of having a proper primary election? How about if you all stop supporting the establishment elites that are destroying our country and start supporting real Constitutional Conservatives like Chad Koppie that will do everything in their power to abide by the Constitution, restore our country and actually work for us instead of playing games?

    • Danni Smith says:

      It is 100% incorrect to write that Bruce Rauner, “is for abortion.” You write this as if he is ra ra go, baby go. In fact, Mr. Rauner, father of six children, has publicly state he is personally against abortion, but believes it is a woman’s personal decision. As a woman, I am too, personally against abortion, I recognize the constitutional quandry,
      but firmly believe it is a woman’s private decision. Since my view is an exact match to that of Mr. Rauner, if you were to say in writing that I am “for abortion” I would sue you for a libelous assertion.

      • Eileen Wright says:

        Saying it is ok for another to kill a baby, but you wouldn’t kill a baby is laughable thinking that is different. It is still murder

        • Danni Smith says:

          Once again-you’re not reading-wherein did you read that I wrote it is ok to kill a baby? You are not thinking or interpreting correctly-I think it is wrong-but it has gone on since the beginning of time-murder has gone on since the beginning of time-I think murder is wrong-I am against capital punishment for that reason. Still, the conscience of the law and humans is beyond my scope of authority. Therefore, the decision to murder, abort, execute is between the individual and their maker-I can only express my opinion, even obamacare will become soft-murder-but freedom and liberty to me, is still freedom to chose. Laws against murder do not stop it nor do laws against abortion.

          • Seed Planter says:

            I’m having a hard time with this one. Are you really suggesting that since many accept abortion as legal, it is the same thing as coming to terms with murder and that we all think it should be legal and the perfectly acceptable norm? That’s a stretch! We DON”T consider murder acceptable at all, even though it has been around since Cain and Able. We send such criminals to jail for their crimes because it is a crime against humanity.

            You also seem to be confusing capital punishment with unjustified homicide. You may be against capital punishment, but it is completely distinct from murder. It is reserved on the rare occasion for those who have been guilty of deliberately killing another human being without warrant. Thus, capital punishment actually advocates life.

            And here’s another thing, how many people have been arrested for a crime (such as a DUI or driving without insurance), only to become a victim of murder, rape and assault, while in prison. There are some who simply lack any sense of value for life at all. I’m not suggesting there is never any hope for rehabilitation, as a matter of fact, this is why there are some Christians who are against capital punishment.

            Nevertheless, even if one is against capital punishment, to hold that because it is legal and mostly accepted, that abortion should also be legal, since it is at least partially accepted, seems to be a completely untenable position. Not only are we mixing apples and oranges, but we are failing to see that they both actually advocate life. We’re talking about protecting the innocent here, that is the bottom line. Furthermore, the majority of Americans are actually against abortion, so in this, both you and Rauner are out of step with society.

          • Danni Smith says:

            Taking another’s life is a sin, whether done in the name of the state, war, abortion-when you write capital punishment is acceptable, you are still agreeing that is the right of someone else to take a life. There are gradations in your views just as there are in mine. On your scale of evil, capital punishment is not contributing any weight, but on my scale it does. Consequently, the murder of the unborn innocent is as evil as the application of a death sentence to one whom ends up having been innocent-who then is responsible? We all are, for that murder too, as it can no longer be deemed capital punishment because there was no capital crime. I stand by my view, abortion is a personal decision, and not my right to interfere.

          • Seed Planter says:

            Not your right to interfere? Well, I will skip that one and just explain very clearly that if capital punishment is a sin then that would mean that God is a sinner. God instituted capital punishment on the grounds that it was a sin to take a life. It would be interesting to know what basis you have to call it a sin.

          • Danni Smith says:

            Now you are really getting goofy-you say “God Instituted capital punishment”. Now how do you know that? Which commandment is that? The only thing God ever wrote was the 10 commandments-and one of them is “Thou shall not kill” so you prove my point that any killing is a sin. over and out.

          • Seed Planter says:

            You’re not the first person to confuse capital punishment with the sixth commandment. The Hebrew word used in ‘Thou shalt not “kill”‘ is Ratsach which denotes manslaughter — killing in anger and one who preys upon another. America didn’t invent descriptions such as premeditated manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, accidental death, etc. Moses made these distinctions long before America came along. The death penalty was specifically required in cases involving premeditated murder (Exodus 21:12-14, 22-23; Leviticus 24:17; Numbers 35:16-21). Bruce Feiler explores this connection in his book, “America’s Prophet: How the Story of Moses shaped America”

            Paul writes in Romans: “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God… For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.” (13:1-4).

            Thus, if capital punishment is no different than murder, then God must be wrong or at the very least, Moses and Paul the Apostle were mislead. This doesn’t mean that Christians must agree that capital punishment must be implemented today, but it is what it is, and that certainly has been distinguished from murder since the time of Moses.

          • Seed Planter says:

            Actually, you may not realize how correct you are when you say the ten commandments is the only thing that God himself, actually wrote. I’m not at all suggesting that the prophets didn’t hear from God and that God didn’t speak to them, nor am I underestimating the message and person-hood of Jesus Christ. But the only thing we have that was actually written by God is the ten commandments. I hope you have found my previous post helpful in understanding the distinction between justice and injustice.

            What I find interesting, Danni, is that I never ever hear the argument that you have used from actual pro-life advocates, or even the Catholic Church who is against both, abortion and capital punishment. It is, however, commonly used by the pro-choice crowd. This confirms my suspicion that it is merely an attempt for the abortion rights folks to justify their morally shaky position.

            Incidentally, if we are looking to history for answer on the subject, abortion was rampant in the ancient world, especially in Rome and Christians, as well as Jews, consistently opposed it.


          • Seed Planter says:

            While I’m waiting for your response on my previous comments below I would like to point out that you seem to be making a provision for “accidental killing” and possibly “involuntary manslaughter.” You are saying that killing is murder, period, and that it is a sin no matter what, and yet you seem to be drawing a line of demarcation here, one that is also derived from the law of Moses and formally recognized in the U.S. I think this shows more inconsistency on the part of your definition of killing as meaning wholesale murder.

      • Seed Planter says:

        I don’t know anything about Rauner, but I do know that the view that you are taking on abortion is no different than 99% of the liberals. The Clintons, Gore, Kerry, Obama, etc. have all said that they are personally against abortion, but they believe it is the right of the mother to choose their fate. Whatever happened to the babies’ right to life, isn’t that the conservative view? This is nothing less than doublespeak, Danni. You’re advocating abortion rights, not life. Now, a person may want to allow for abortion under special circumstances (i.e. the mother’s life), but this is not what you are stipulating.

        Be that as it may, I personally do not foresee abortion being banned anytime soon, but THERE ARE certain tactics that we can learn and appropriate from the left. In the words of Obama in regard to the coal industry, “regulate them to their death” (slight paraphrase).

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  5. I’m in total shock with this article – there are so many things wrong with Rauner it’s not funny. All I had to do was hear that he was Rahm’s buddy to be dead set against him – last thing we need is one of Rahm’s buddies in the Governor seat to do his bidding. Then as I learned more about Rauner it got even worse… the author of this article just lost all credibility as a Conservative in my book.

  6. Truthsayer says:

    I don’t get the support for Rauner at all. He’s probably not even a real Republican or conservative. He’s more like an extremist libertarian, or possibly even a closet Democrat considering how much money he’s donated to Democrats. C’mon, Jack! What’s going on??? I find this so out-of-character.

  7. Jack Roeser, I usually agree with you 100%. Love your passion for truth. I am troubled with our choices here. 4 candidates and not one of them is both fiscally sound and pro life. I think this means Quinn wins again. Can’t we find a fiscally conservative pro life candidate amywhere in this state? How depressing. Somebody please step up and run!

  8. Here is reality as I see it.

    Of the four running for office, Rauner is the best of them, heads and shoulders above the rest. BUT that being stated, it is not enough. The reality is you are not only facing the teachers’ union, but Mike Madigan, a devious, twisted amoral person. If
    Rauner is the upstanding moral man you sate him to be, he has no chance against
    the like’s of Madigan, decent people cannot even begin to fathom the workings
    of an amoral person’s mind. The odds do not favor Rauner’s ability to outmaneuver both the unions and Madigan given his party controls neither legislative branch.

    The biggest problem were any Republican to actually win the Governor’s mansion, is you will be falling into Madigan’s trap. Ol’ Madigan is confident he can out maneuver
    any Governor as he has proven time and again, and he desperately wants the Republicans to have an ownership stake in this mess, and a republican taking charge of the governor’s mansion will do exactly that. Get Rauner elected and all you will do is keep the republicans from gaining future seats in the Senate and House after this
    election cycle.

    A republican in the Governor’s mansion will take away the single most powerful argument the republicans have for gaining seat in the House in Senate going forward. Illinois is in shambles and it deserves to collapse, it needs to endure almost unimaginable pain, but most importantly the republicans cannot be seen as at the helm when the collapse occurs or you will forever foil what could be a Phoenix
    like rebirth of limited government in the Land of Lincoln.

    • Danni Smith says:

      I have the same thoughts-it is a catch 22-but that collapse could be delayed if Rauner gets in, although I doubt it. Still, would people blame the captain that tried to patch and raise a ship that has sunk below the surface? Maybe they might think he is intentioned with pure motives that will never work-but our country was founded by pure motives seen as impossible to achieve. The entire country is in a mess. Maybe avoiding the politics and the spinning of jack stories is a solution-it would be different-as in the description of insanity-doing the same thing over and over etc. etc. I like his policies and this attacked friendship with Rahm is a much better alliance than Dilliard’s with his $250,000 campaign donation from NEA in his last run and now his $500,000 from them for this run-Rauner has not taken a penny from him-they know what he plans on doing-executive order like Mitch Daniels-make Illinois a right to work State-they hate him-Karen Lewis hates Rahm, but Rahm and Rauner like Charter schools and are actively working together to make more of them as they have worked together to get so many in place. Clearly Rahm is not a friend of the NEA-Bruce and Rahm may appear to be strange-bedfellows until one looks beneath the surface.


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