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Who talked Barack Obama into shutting down the government and pulling up the curtain on Shutdown Theater?  (For those still clinging to “Republican shutdown” mythology, Matt Vespa at PJ Media reminds us that Republicans in the House voted 11 times to re-open the government, listing the bills by number.  All of these bills were killed by Senate Democrats, while the media tucked its hands in its pockets and looked the other way.)

There are conflicting accounts today of whose idea this strategy was.  The Hill says “Dan Pfeiffer’s fingerprints are all over the White House’s strategy of not negotiating with congressional Republicans over the government shutdown and debt ceiling.”

The senior adviser to President Obama has been plotting the White House’s every move, and is described by some within the administration as the “relentless guardian” of Obama’s no-negotiations stance.

“He’s been the most ferocious on that principle,” one senior administration official said. “He was quite adamant and relentless about this. And on the face of it, it’s not an easy argument to make.”

The Hill notes GOP poll numbers slipping during the shutdown battle, while previously dispirited Democrats rallied around President Obama, leading White House officials to “argue the polls underline the success of their messaging.”  Too bad the gigantic health care boondoggle they dropped on America wasn’t as successful as their messaging.  That might be something that haunts them long after everyone forgets how Obama advisers and the media teamed up to message the heck out of the shutdown.

There are interesting details about the discipline and coordination of the White House message machine, which really is admirable, no matter what one might think of the uses to which it is put.  Of course, it helps that the media politely ignores things like Pfeiffer inadvertently tweeting out a racial epithet, which would have …read more

Source: Illinois Tea Party

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