Jobs on the Rocks

Mike’s Hard Lemonade set up its corporate headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop back in April 2012.

But Gov. Pat Quinn just announced the alcoholic beverage company’s move this week.

Admittedly the governor is seeking re-election, but still it would seem odd timing.

“Mike’s chose to relocate to Illinois because of the state’s central location, leading education institutions and its progressive business environment,” Quinn said. “The presence of a dynamic company like Mike’s is the kind of business Illinois needs to advance our vision of becoming one of the most exciting and vibrant business corridors in the nation.”

I asked the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity if incentives were offered (the press release didn’t say), and they said the state has agreed to give as much as $1.8 million in tax breaks over the next decade.

Too bad Illinois can’t make itself more attractive to business by simply lowering taxes for everyone rather than government resorting to picking and choosing who it thinks is worthy.

But I digress.

On Wednesday, Kenall Manufacturing Co. a commercial lighting manufacturer, decided to move 400 jobs from Gurnee, Ill., to Kenosha, Wis.

That’s quite a job loss for the state of Illinois. And sadly, Wisconsin resorted to enticing the manufacturer with incentives of its own.

Quinn must live by the mantra, “When life deals you lemons, make hard lemonade.”

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