What it Looks Like to Have Uncle Sam as Your Doctor


CREEPY: A new ad campaign by the conservative group Generation Opportunity aims to dissuade young people from joining Obamacare with the message: “Don’t let the government play doctor.”

A new ad campaign aimed at dissuading young people from enrolling in Obamacare does so by bringing the creep factor. Hard.

Produced by Generation Opportunity, a conservative Virginia-based organization, the ads hope to encourage young adults to “opt-out” of the Affordable Care Act. If successful, such a move would have a significant effect on the nation’s new health care law, which heavily relies on young, healthy Americans to subsidize the elderly and infirm within the insurance pools.

So, how exactly does Generation Opportunity hope to change hearts and minds? Lets just call it the red, white and blue cross health treatment.


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  1. All you need do is go to Europe or Canada and you will see the “Death Panels” in action. Do not age beyond 50 years for there will be no life saving treatments, wait weeks to see a Doctor and pay exorbitant tax rates for mediocre medical service with little to no medical innovation. Looks like Social Security and Medicare just with even less support and funding. Make sure that you have good Genes and avoid accidents especially if you are older.

  2. concerned taxpayer says:

    Anyone who has experience in the military has “enjoyed” government health care…impersonal and definitely mediocre. I don’t know why we are struggling so hard to convince our supposed representatives to fight this bill, or why Boehner hasn’t done something in the nearly 3 years since Republicans took the House. Ridiculous that it has all come down to the last minute once again, with the frightened and timid Republicans having to be shoved into action. I haven’t contributed a dime to them since last year.

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