Is Gay Okay?

By Jack Roeser

In the name of “diversity” and by the use of charges of “discrimination’’ there has arisen surprising support for compulsory acceptance of the “gay lifestyle.” In newspapers, TV, and in our public schools we see the gay lifestyle portrayed as something we should accept and even emulate.

The Illinois Legislature has enacted a law HB3186 putting “sexual orientation” as a protected class with rights against discrimination, the same as race, etc. Is that Okay?

That goofy law got one thing right, gay, or homosexuality, or all the other ways of handling difficult sexual urges is a “behavior.” It’s something you do or don’t do, not what you are.

For instance, is promiscuity a “lifestyle,” to be respected, accepted, or legally a right, or taught in our schools as okay? Are you a promiscuity-phobe? Substitute any other adjective and see if it isn’t also absurd. Try violent, obscene, odiferous, vapid. Notice that homosexual is an adjective word, not a noun.

These activities are not innate; they are objectionable behaviors undeserving of being protected from the reactions they provoke in other citizens that have learned not to do that.

Notice that I haven’t objected to “gay,” or some of its more depraved variations, on moral grounds, but many people do. Morality is usually based on religion or on long established opinion of what works or doesn’t.  These moral opinions deserve respect. Why should the moralist or religious person be forced to accept a behavior long abhorred? HB 3186 should be repealed.

I think the “gay” bubble that society is now passing through is so ridiculous that perhaps humor or the deadly lance of reason is more appropriate reaction.

Let’s take a look at “gay” without the euphemisms. Don’t run away just yet, we’re not going to describe which convex part is penetrating which new concave opportunities. Suffice it to say that from the health standpoint homosexuality transfers many deadly or difficult to get rid of diseases.

A strange identity is set up when gays decide to go public with how they do sex. It’s a strange concept that is bound to separate them from people who have an identity related to more useful categories.

Those who engage in homosexual behavior have a strong tendency to form cabals within any larger group they invade.

This cabal uses a legitimate category as a cover for them to congregate.

This certainly has disrupted the Catholic Church where too much tolerance of the cabal has put children at risk. The resultant legal claims have about bankrupted the American Catholic Church, diverting funds from its schools and other traditional activities.

Basically, most people aren’t likely to view their newborn baby and say, “How wonderful, he can grow up to be a homosexual!”

What is your reaction’s to someone at a party who starts talking about his sexual prowess (how many, how often, how big, virgins terminated, etc.)? He doesn’t have to spend much time on the gay thing before the urge to move on gets to you. So, why is gay literally paraded in public?  Gay pride?  They sure ran out of ordinary accomplishments.

Why is society presented with this ridiculous politically correct stuff about the gay lifestyle being okay? Well, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s just another manifestation of the loony left.

Americans should vote against any legislator nutty enough to have supported the gay rights bill.

“Gays” should keep their orientation to themselves and quit desperately trying to get approval for strange behavior.


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