Elgin U-46 Will Reject Virtual Charter School

schoolchoiceI attended the Elgin U-46 School Board meeting tonight to express my opinion and to listen to the information on the Illinois Virtual Charter School at Fox River Valley Charter school presentation. It was clear from the questioning of the board and the seemingly scripts public comment from teachers and union members that the Charter School would be rejected.

The charter school presenters did not help their case much either with their lack of information and answers to questions. They basically did not do their homework before the presentation and were unprepared. I will have the video from the meeting uploaded sometime tomorrow for viewing.

The review group of the district cited statutes that the charter school did not meet, like home based teaching, firm would be outsourced to a for profit company and there was no minimum or maximum number of students to be accepted. The proposal also lacked the following:

  1. Specifics for at risk students
  2. No Special Ed distinctions in budget
  3. No ELL distinctions in budget
  4. No internal charter school expertise in the not-for profit board

They review group also provided 2 audits in the packet to the school board along with their recommendation for denial.  I will FOIA this to learn more.  The official rejection will come at the April 8th board meeting.


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  1. Not surprising that the emphasis here would be put special needs rather than the benefits of the majority. The Virtual School should be targeted for Junior High and above and as a supplementary Education Tool for K-6. There is actually no limitation for handicapped and special needs children because the technology allows for better instructional tools than that provided in the Public Classrooms today. In fact across the entire spectrum of instructional methods and outcomes “Virtual Schools” can outperform any traditional school for all children. The opportunity for all children to be taught by the “Subject Matter” expert and have their understanding measured continuously so that instructional help and support can be provided “immediately” is the ultimate in teaching and learning. The comprehension and understanding measurement is performed with thousands of non-repeating exercises and experiments. The student progresses based on their own accomplished not based on age or a calendar. The school would be open 24 hours for the entire year allowing for the instructional opportunity on the students schedule. The benefit to the student is unquestionable, the cost benefit to the taxpayers is enormous as the annual per student costs is less than $5K per student for a World Class Education and the nation benefits from students who can actual perform in the 21st Century. In fact the “Virtual School” should have tremendous benefits to Special Needs Children except for Physical Therapy which should be a medical procedure and process not part of the “Root Education System”. Clearly the advantages of the “Virtual Schools” will never be supported by the present Public Sector Education Systems because it impacts their lucrative operations with 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus the multi-million dollar pension packages. This is the reason the taxpayer obligation for total Public Funding (Federal, state and local) for Education should be limited to $7K per K-12 student annually. If there is ever going to be reform in this dysfunctional Public Education System that is destroying the future of our children.

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