Obamacare Regulations

Obamacares_7foottallpapersThe office of Senator Mitch McConnell, the GOP minority leader in the Senate, has sent out a shocking photo.

This is over 20,000 pages and measures 7′ 2.5″. These are all the Obamacare regulations published in the Federal Register up through last week. Then last Friday they added another 828 pages.


And hidden in this giant stack of intrusive new regulations that seem to grow every month is a major job loss problem.
Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office, said in February of 2011 that Obamacare could cost 800,000 jobs and the Federal Reserve has stated that Obamacare is the reason for “planned layoffs.”

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  1. The fascinating thing is that no one ever read this documentation. Fortunately the Obamacare Law is no longer standing under the Laws of this nation as the Supreme Court ruling required that the wording be changed from a PENALTY to a TAX which requires Congress to make the change and pass the Law again. Essentially there is no longer an Obamacare Law with standing under the Laws of the US Constitution. So there should no longer be any funding for any activities here and the functions and offices associated with the original law should be in limbo or suspended at this time. That is if there is still a US Constitution that serves as the basis for our Laws and Government operations. We have seen numerous outright violations of the Constitution in the last decades and now under the Obama Administration we have witnessed outright crimes against the Constitution. One wonders were Congress is at because the impeachment should long ago be underway especially with the evidence clearly in the Public Records.

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