Republican McKinley Slams ‘Chicago Machine’ From Jeremiah Wright’s Church

Last week, at the infamous Trinity United Church of Christ where President Obama used to listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright blast the United States of America, Republican candidate Paul McKinley slammed the Chicago Machine during a candidate forum for the special election to fill Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s congressional seat.

McKinley was the only Republican to participate in the forum, along with 14 Democrats and one Green Party candidate. While the democrats repeated the typical talking points of the left, weaving their usual promises in and out of their remarks, McKinley gained the crowd’s attention by speaking about issues none of the other candidates would address.

He talked about the circle of corruption in their community, such as the unholy alliance between elected officials and labor union leadership, that keeps residents of the community unemployed. He railed against the “machine politics” that they (the voters of the 2nd district) continue to vote for but never result in anything different than the same old political games.

In his closing statement, McKinley gave a fiery address to audience:

I’m Paul McKinley and I’m running against the machine… I’m not running against a candidate, I’m running against the machine that’s been in power in this district for 60 years. And if you think it’s alright that all these boarded up houses in our community is all right, you vote for them. If you think that it’s all right that our young men and women that have no jobs and standing on the corner, you vote for them, don’t for vote for me…

440 young kids were shot in the city of Chicago last year, 3000 people in the city of Chicago were shot. That means the machine is working, it’s no accident that’s what’s happening in our community. The machine is working and it’s working out fine. You don’t have anything and they do, your community is going to hell in a hand basket, and their community, there’s no poverty problem over there, they’re going to work, they’ve got jobs, there’s nobody getting shot up in their schools… If you want to keep the same system, you vote for them, don’t vote for me.


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