Police State in Naperville – Police Enforce Smart Meter Installation, Homeowner Arrested

smartmeterToday in Naperville, IL the police forced a resident to have a smart meter installed on her house against her wishes. [See video below] Why is the city of Naperville using police to force residents to install these meters against the wishes of the home owners? This is especially egregious given there is an ongoing Federal lawsuit against the smart meters.

The Chicago Tribune also reports the woman filming and the home owner who refused to allow the installation were arrested.

Malia “Kim” Bendis of the 2200 block of Mercer Court was charged with two misdemeanors — attempted eavesdropping and resisting a peace officer.

Jennifer Stahl of the 1400 block of Westglen Drive, received two ordinance violation citations — interfering with a police officer and preventing access to customer premises.

Stahl, who was released from custody about 4:30 p.m., said when she refused the smart meter, installers accompanied by police cut the bicycle lock she had placed on her fence and entered her backyard. She then stood in front of her electric meter and refused to move.

“It was forced on my house today,” she said. “It was really a violation. I violated something, but I’ve been violated too so I guess we’re now in a society of violating one another

This single mom with a chronically ill child is forced to watch helplessly as UPA installers hop her locked fence. An armed police escort accompanies the installers. Homeowner is fearful of her child’s health and safety.

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  1. Why weren’t they charged with trespassing? Why didn’t she get a lawyer and charge them with damaging her property and trespassing? Get some guts folks and stop this nonsense.

    • Its illinois, its east germany, all the judges are the same party, all the teachers, unions, city employees polititians, etc etc,even the republicans are democrats, illinois needs outside help.

      • That’s not good enough. I’m in Illinois as well and I want to see anyone of them trying this on me. We cannot just say it’s Illinois or it’s whereever and let it go. This is how they are getting away with this.

  2. The Public Sector no longer serves and protects the citizens. Its primary purpose is to insure their millionaire pensions and exorbitant salaries and benefits are funded through exorbitant taxation and various other nefarious and illegal activities. The rape and robbery of the taxpayers has reached epidemic levels. The 50% over staffing and compensation plus their multi-million dollar retirement packages with huge COLAs is the reason that this nation, states and municipalities are broke. When one sees the number of outright violations of the Constitution without recourse then one should not be surprised that the rights of the citizens are violated without recourse.

    • Chewy Woodie says:

      Your state is broke because it spends billions of dollars giving illegal immigrants welfare and unemployment checks. Believe me, it’s not due to pensions.

      • concerned taxpayer says:

        It is also due to pensions. Currently (according to this website) 25% of the state budget goes towards pensions, reducing money available for education, social services, and health care. At some point in the future pension costs will consume the entire budget of the state.

  3. Deandra Reynolds says:

    This isn’t about smart meters any more. this is about a city manager using the police force as a means of intimidation. They violated a city ordinance, like leaving your Christmas lights up too long, or not taking in your garbage cans.
    City ordinances generally address issues relating to public health, safety, and welfare, and they can either prohibit or proscribe a certain type of behavior. If a person fails to comply with an ordinance, he or she can be fined. In some cases, an offending person will receive warnings before penalties are assessed.
    No one gets arrested for violating an ordinance unless it is causing immediate danger or harm to another.

  4. concerned taxpayer says:

    Who was making the woman install a smart meter? ComEd? Just wondering.

  5. I am PROUD of these ladies! We have a tyrannical government now in ameriKa, the land of the NOT SO FREE anymore! Just wait for all the health issues in Naperville to start!

    I thought police (as well as our county sheriffs) took and OATH and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitutions to protect the people from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC! We now have DOMESTIC enemies in the USSA and in IL! Our legislators SWEAR and OATH (on the Bible no less – Obama aka Barry Soetero 2 Bibles) to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the are NOT!

    These meters will be used by government officials to CONTROL HOW much and WHEN you use electricity! AND cause you health issues with the great amount of radiation they emit.

    SHAME on Naperville City Council! SHAME on the citizens who are sleeping to all this tyranny and allowing it…in their home and on their homes! WAKE UP ameriKans!

    There are many parallels of this government to Nazi Germany.


  7. I would have shot him after I asked him not to trespass on my property and he proceeded to.

  8. This seems to be what the utility had to do to upgrade the system. Agree that she could have handled it differently and nothing would have come of it. The electric meters belong to the utility companies across the nation. When upgrading has to be done, they (utility companies) have a right to access their equipment. Agree or not it is irrelevant. Somewhere in the terms of agreement, we ALL said we would let them come on the property, to access the meter.
    Sad way to handle this. Not too sure why she says she feared for the child’s life – maybe just saying that to garner sympathy.

    • prune prune says:

      Dan watch some u-tube,on smart meters,high levels of radiation,big brother watching you,fires caused by smart meters,ect.


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